Winterizing & Care Of AWS Stations

AWS In Washington
AWS in Washington
Spending the winter in a AWS station was not comfortable, especially if it was a higher station. Efforts were made to make the experience more pleasant, but still, it was difficult to find and retain people for the job.
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Sawmill Ridge Rinker Point Rinker Point Mount Zion Mount Zion Hurricane Hill
Hurricane Hill - Winter 1942 or 1943
Mount Zion shed below the lookout - February 1943
Mount Zion lookout used for A.W.S. - February 1943
Sawmill Ridge Station used in winter instead of Colquhoun Peak but still high on a ridge, difficult to access during winter.
Rinker Point ground quarters
Rinker Point Lookout used by the A.W.S.
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Below are a few examples of high elevation sites that didn't shift down to a lower site in the winter months.
Elk Rock
Elk Rock - Winter Discussions
Stampede Pass
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