Mount St. Piran from Lake Louise

Mount St. Piran

Mount St. Piran is an easy climb in Banff National Park starting at the famous Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. From the summit, you looks straight down at Lake Louise. The surrounding mountains are amazing with huge cliffs and hanging glaciers. Even Edward Whymper (first person up the Matterhorn) climbed St. Piran and claimed the view was great!
Take the Trans-Canada Highway north of Banff into the National Park. Take the Lake Louise exit, turn left and follow signs to the Lake Louise parking area.
Hike the Lakeshore Trail past the Chateau Hotel to the Lake Agnes\Tea House Trail which splits off to the right off the Lakeshore Trail. Hike 2 miles passing Mirror Lake to a right turn on the Little Beehive Trail. A bit after this, before hitting the Little Beehive, take a left onto the St. Piran trail. Follow up to the summit.
Hiking & Climbing
Distance: 3 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,800+ feet
Summit Elevation: 8,692 feet
Access: Paved
Canadian Rockies
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Mt. Niblock
Mount St. Piran Hiking, Climbing and Travel
Mount St. Piran from Lake Louise
The Beehive
Lake Agnes Tea House
Mt. LeFroy
Mount Abderdeen
Mount Whyte and Mount Niblock
Haddo Peak, Temple Mountain, Mt. Abderdeen, Mt. LeFroy
East to Lake Louise Ski Area
Looking down on Lake Louise
Chateau Lake Louise Hotel
Looking northeast from the summit
Lake Agnes
Lake Agnes
Peak to the northeast
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Lake Louise Ski Area