Manaus, Brazil

For travelers, Manaus is best known as a base city for catching a River Cruise or Jungle Tour. Although Manaus is increasing its tourism potential, most travelers are just there waiting for their Amazon experience. There are many types of Amazon Cruises and Jungle Tours. You will first need to decide what kind of traveler you are. The tours range from pampered cruises up the Amazon, to long camping trips in the jungle with little food and just a hammock to sleep in. Tours are offered from just one day excursions to multiple week adventures. We found a Jungle Lodge would provide our group with the most experiences. We chose Antonio’s Jungle Lodge and found the experience totally worth the time and cost.
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City Sights
Manaus isn’t the safest place for some foreign tourists to be walking around. Ask your hotel to circle the areas to stay away from.
World Travel
Teatro Amazonas
This theatre began in 1881 at the height of the rubber boom. It is crowned with a tiled mosaic dome in the colors of the Brazilian flag. Tours are offered and there are often free concert practices.
Mercado Municipal
This is a busy market full of regional produce, fruits, healing herbs and handcrafts.
This is the British Customs House built in 1906 out of Scottish bricks in imperial style.
Day Trips
Several tour companies offer day-long river trips that go downriver to Lago de Janauary Ecological Park. There you find the Victoria Regia giant waterlilies. They also visit the “meeting of the waters” where the clear water of the Rio Negro merges with the silt colored Rio Solimoes. These rivers run parallel without really mixing for 12 miles.
River Cruises
River cruises are a fun and easy way to see the Amazon and jungle areas. A cruise boat can offer in-cabin bathrooms and air-conditioning….essential items for many. The boat will have scheduled excursions, going on hikes into the forest, taking smaller boats onto narrow tributaries, flora & fauna discourses, and even caiman spotting after dark in canoes. These smaller cruise boats usually head up river from Manaus going up the Rio Negro or Rio Branco, which are tributaries that form the Amazon River at Manaus.
Some Amazon Facts
The official source of the Amazon is on Mount Huagra in the Peruvian Andes.
The Amazon River is 4,080 miles long and the mouth is 200 miles wide.
The Amazon River has 1,100 tributaries including 17 more than 1,000 miles long.
The Amazon River in places is 68 miles wide and in other places 297 feet deep
Ocean-going freighters can travel 2,310 miles inland from the Atlantic to Iquitos Peru.
The river is the globe’s largest body of fresh water. 12 times that of the Mississippi
The Amazon Basin is larger than that of any other river.
Amazonia supports 30 percent of all known plant and animal species
The average annual rainfall is over 79 inches, the wettest region in the world
Jungle Tours
To see what a Jungle Tour offers, view the link.
Teatro Amazonas Praca da Matriz Palacete Provincial Praca Heliod Balbi Praca Heliod Balbi Manaus cathedral Praca da Matriz Manaus Teatro Amazonas Praca da Matriz Manaus Manaus manaus cathedral Alfandega Manaus Teatro Amazonas
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View from our hotel
Teatro Amazonas
Teatro Amazonas
Teatro Amazonas
Catedral near Praca da Matriz
Cathedral near Praca da Matriz
Praca da Matriz
Praca da Matriz
Silent movie in the park
Praca Heliod Balbi
Palacete Provincial
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