Iguazu Falls

One of the top ten natural wonders of the world is Iguazu Falls in Brazil. The falls are one of the most powerful and extraordinary sights. Iguazu is not the tallest in the world but most agree they are the overall largest and most beautiful. The falls are a series of cataracts that stretch 2 miles and comprises over 250 individual waterfalls. Having the falls pouring out of the green jungle makes them particularly photogenic. The Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat) is the biggest and most spectacular of the cataracts plunging 262 feet. Here 14 separate falls join forces pounding down the cliffs in a deafening sound with so much spray you can hardly get any pictures because of all the water on your camera lens. The catwalks cross extremely close and if they were to fail, you would immediately plunge over the next set of falls. There are a number of trails offering many different vantage points for all the different waterfalls. Iguazu falls can be viewed from both sides of the river but one side is in Brazil, while the other in Argentina. Getting between the two countries through the boarder issues and both national park entrances takes hours. Most will need more than a day if you want to hike all the trails on both sides of the river. Thrill seekers can consider an excursion to take a powerboat trip to the foot of the falls, where you get some more perspective and totally drenched.

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This was the line to get on the National Park bus
Iguacu National Park
iguassu river iguazu falls iguazu falls iguazu falls
River ready to drop
The falls from the airplane
Up close to the falls
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