This 7 mile section of the Burke Gilman Trail takes you along the northwest shore of Lake Washington. The route described here starts at Magnuson Park in North Seattle and ends at Log Boom Park in Kenmore. Along the way, there is only one other access point to the waterfront of Lake Washington, and that is at Matthews Beach Park. For most of the way, there is a row of homes between you and the water. Views are sporadic between homes or over the roofs of homes. The other side of the trail is usually brush, trees or steep hillside. Personally, I didn't enjoy this section but my wife really enjoyed looking at the different homes along the way. If you have kids, starting at Magnuson is good because you can end at the playground in Log Boom Park. There are also some food eateries at the Kenmore end. Log Boom Park has parking right next to the trail. If starting in Magnuson, the trail is a block up from the park but bike lanes and large sidewalks have been made for pedestrians going to and from the trail to the park.

Burke Gilman Trail - Magnuson to Kenmore

Distance: 7 miles one-way
Elevation Gain/Loss: 150 feet
Trail: Paved
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Burke Gilman Trail - Ballard to Laurelhurst
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