Burke Gilman Trail - Ballard to Laurelhurst
Are you ready to ride the most popular biking trail in Washington? This section of the 27 mile Burke Gilman Trail is crowed with walkers, runners, cyclists, many of whom are commuting to work or school. The sights along the way are some of Seattle’s biggest landmarks. This segment starts at the western end of the trail, where signs say the trail ends. In reality, there is a bit more but an unfinished half mile gap prevents the connection to the segment even further west. With this trip, plan to get off the bike a few times, the parks and the university along the way deserve a visit as well.
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Distance - 5 miles paved
The trail begins in Ballard at 11th Avenue NW.
The trail starts next to the large Ballard Fred Meyer, a great place to stock up. The trail passes behind the store, then through a business district of Fremont. Soon the trail is adjacent to the Freemont Canal, then passing through Freemont Canal Park, which has several viewing points. The route next passes the Fremont Bridge, Aurora Bridge, Gas Works Park, Lake Union boat facilities, the I-5 bridge, before reaching the University of Washington. If you’ve never been on campus, ride up to the fountain and a bit further to red square, the heart of campus. Back on the Burke Gilman Trail, it wraps around the college before going into the University District & Laurelhurst. Before reaching the Lake Washington segment, the trail hits Burke Gilman Playground Park, a good stopping point if your kids are tired and want a playground and restrooms.
Burke Gilman Trail Map
Fremont Canal Park Fremont Canal Fremont Canal Google Fremont Bridge Aurora Bridge burke gilman trail Seattle Burke Gilman Trail Burke Gilman Trail Burke Gilman Playground Burke Gilman Playground Gas Works Park
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Gas Works Park
Seattle from Gas Works Park
Burke Gilman Trail
Burke Gilman Playground Park
Lake Union & the trail
Trail between Google and the Fremont Canal
Fremont Canal Park
Fremont Canal
Fremont Canal
Fremont Bridge
Aurora Bridge
University of Washington red square area from the trail
Burke Gilman Playground Park