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This is what I have for old photos. If you have anything to add, scan it and email it to me, I will put it in this collection. This website will remain online at least until the year 2099. Remember, the underlined names are links to the photos for that person or family line.
William H. Wilhite #15 is married to Annie R Dawson but it isn't clear if she is in the picture. Possibly the lady to the left of #14. Lady# 14 could also be the oldest Smith Willhite daughter Isabella, with her husband in front of her (James Lew Harris). The twins Jennie and Jessie are also likely the girls with the same dress in the back right.
Elizabeth Dorcas Knowles Matilda Jane Talbot
Lillian Beatrice Russell
Matilda Jane Talbot
Elizabeth Dorcas Knowles
Mother of Matilda Jane Talbot
Mother of Lillian Beatrice Russell who married James Leo Willhite. She is also the mother of Leon T. Russell who married James Leo Willhites sister Mary Majorie Willhite.
Married James Leo Willhite
Earl Russell
Father of Lillian Beatrice Russell. He is also the father of Leon T. Russell who married James Leo Willhites sister Mary Majorie Willhite.
Cora E. Pickering teacher
The teacher on the left is Cora E. Pickering, she taught for years in the Woodson County Kansas Carlisle School District No. 9. In 1915 she was the teacher of many Willhite cousins, all who were children of Smith Willhites last 3 daughters. The class had Erma Scanlon, Pearle Scanlon & Alda Scanlon who were children of Jennie C. Wilhite. Earl Jones, the son of Emma Wilhite. Norman Jones & Velma Jones are children of Jessie Pearl Wilhite.

Others at the school were Glen Dawson, Flossie Burt, Veda Petty, Hilma Petty, Chrystal Petty, Marcele Petty, Hilfred Carlisle, Edna Emerson, Venus Emerson, Nellie Phillips Hilda Flathers, Rachel Phillips, Velma Guyll, Oliver Phillips, Gladys Ireland, Clement Ireland, Kermit Ireland, Wilma Shaw, Ora Flathers, Willie Phillips Murle Murphy, Leroy Davis, Ruth Miller, Audrey Davis, Bruce Carlisle
Lewis Franklin Willhite
Rosa Bella Jones
Parents of James Leo Willhite
James Leo Willhite
Son of Lewis Franklin Willhite
James Leo Willhite
Gordon Dean Willhite
Gertrude Margarete Stocklein
Gertrude Margarete Stocklein
Lillian Beatrice Russell
James Harvey Jones Line
Smith Willhite
Mary Jane Hancock
Parents of Lewis Franklin Willhite
Earl Russell Smith Willhite
Roy Donald Willhite
Married Ola Dunkan
Brooksie M.Willhite
Married Guy Leonard Briley
Ednah Pearl Willhite
Married Gerald W. Baker
Frankie Phayer Willhite
Married John Curtis Sowder
Lewis Frank Jr. Willhite
Married Louise Mellenbrock
Other Children of Lewis Franklin Willhite
Mary Majorie Willhite
Married Leon T. Russell
Leon Charles Willhite
Married Helen Isabella Chilcott
James Harvey Jones Lewis Franklin Willhite
Let me know if you know who any of these people are so I can file them in family line.
Other Children of Smith Willhite
Son of Julius Rufus Willhite
Son of Smith Willhite
Isabel Willhite
Married James Lewis Harris
Sarah Elizabeth Willhite
Married Jesse Asbury Carter
William H.Willhite
Married Anna Rose Dawson
Emma Willhite
Married William Harvey Jones
Jennie C. Willhite
Married Norman Franklin Scanlon
Jessie Pearl Willhite
Married Doc Wilbur Jones
Other Children of James Leo Willhite
Peggy Jane Willhite
Patricia Rose Willhite
Marine Lucine Willhite
Married Jack M. Freeman
Married Robert F. McDowell
Married James Donald Stone
Married Homer Dean Lewis
Married Gordon Dean Willhite
Son of James Leo Willhite
Unknown Pictures
This photo below takes place sometime around 1900 in the area of Toronto, Kansas. 15 of the 24 people have been identified. Smith Wilhite has at least 4 of his children in this picture, but I think the other three are here as well.
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