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This is a great two day backpacking trip if you go one way. Or, you can see the best of the hike by a one day out and back from Third Beach to Toleak Point. An easy 1.3 mile trail takes you to Third Beach. You can enjoy a nice time there or continue south a half mile to Taylor Point and a waterfall crashing onto the beach. From there, climb the overland trail (some rope ladder climbing) and put yourself on a beautiful remote beach with better and better beaches as you hike to Toleak Point. Camping near Toleak Point is exciting, especially if you can get there in nice weather in winter when nobody may be around for miles. The beach continues on south to Oil City with a few overland routes here and there.
Washington Coast
Olympic Nat. Park
Camping on Third Beach Giants Graveyard Teahwhit Head Taylor Point Trail Toleak Point Third Beach Map
Above: Third Beach to Toleak Point Below: Toleak Point to Oil City
Strawberry Point Toleak Point Scotts Bluff Teahwhit Head campground on Third Beach Strawberry Point Olympic National Park Repelling on the beach
Giants Graveyard from Third Beach
Just south of Scotts Bluff
Teahwhit Head from Third Beach
Looking south from Strawberry Point
Teahwhit Head from Third Beach
From campground on Third Beach
Rocks near Strawberry Point
Rocks near Toleak Point
Walking south to Toleak Point
View south at the end of the Taylor Point Trail
Camping on Third Beach
Oil City Map