Rialto Beach to Lake Ozette

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This section of Washington coastline is another exciting stretch of wilderness where during the right season you may see few other people. Rialto Beach is a big road accessible beach full of people. It might seem strange walking past people laying out on the sand while you walk by with your fully loaded backpack. Soon though, you'll cross over your first headwall on some ropes and leave civilization behind. The route is exciting always wanting to see what's next. The shuttle would be quite long to make this a one way hike. I would suggest hiking a full day from Rialto Beach, camp and then the next day do a day hike up to the Ozette area and return back to your campsite. Then hike out the third day. If you are a beach bum, plan extra days just to lounge around. It's also possible to hike north all the way to the Point of the Arches trailhead. That would be an amazing trip.
Washington Coast
Olympic Nat. Park
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Rocky Section!
Secret trail from logging roads near Cedar Creek
Beach just north of Rialto Beach & camping along the way