Harstine Island Loop Kayak Trip

Often referred to as the poor mans San Juan's, kayaking in the Southwest Puget Sound can offer an excellent paddling experience. There are several state parks, many of which are only accessible by boat and a few with just beachable watercraft. This trip has the goal of circumnavigating Harstine Island. A day trip version would be to circumnavigate just Squaxin Island. It is owned by the Squaxin Island Tribe, so permission must be granted to go ashore. Very little has been built on Squaxin Island so it is very scenic and full of wildlife. Years ago, there was a State Park on the island, but it's been removed. Harstine Island is full of homes but a surprising amount of shoreline is undeveloped, so you get a good mix of house gawking and forested shoreline too. Below are pictures from the paddle around Harstine Island with locations annotated. Also, the 4 State Parks to visit on your paddle trip are listed below, each have their own webpage and each enhance the trip experience. Stretch Point is the only one out of the way but worthwhile if you have the time and energy.
Kayak Washington

Washington State Parks

Time: 2.5 to 3 days
Jarrell Cove State Park
McMicken Island State Park
Hope Island State Park
Stretch Point State Park
Hope Island Brisco Point case inlet Driftwood case inlet Stretch Island Bridge Pickering Passage Harstine Island Bridge Rope swing Harstine Island Peale Passage Arcadia Boat Launch harstine island map
Jarrell Cove State Park
McMicken Island State Park
Hope Island State Park
Stretch Point State Park
Sailboat Wilson Point Harstine Mount Rainier Harstine Island Treasure Island kayak
Arcadia Boat Launch with Hope Island in the distance
Peale Passage (between Harstine Island & Squaxin Island)
West side of Harstine Island with the bridge in the distance
West side of Harstine Island
Rope swing in a hidden cove on Harstine Island
Harstine Island Bridge
Stretch Island Bridge
Hidden cove on Harstine
Pickering Passage in the morning
Treasure Island from Stretch Island
Driftwood on the east side of Harstine with Herron Island in the distance
Sailboat near McMicken Island
Paddling the east side of Harstine Island
Case Inlet and Mount Rainier
Wilson Point
East side Harstine Island with McMicken Island on the left
Brisco Point
Heading to Hope Island from the SE
Most of SE Harstine Island has no homes