Jarrell Cove State Park

E. 391 Wingert Road, Shelton, WA 98584
Jarrell Cove State Park is a marine camping park on the northwest end of Harstine Island in south Puget Sound. The park is accessible by road from the island but a better experience is to arrive by boat or watercraft. Jarrell Cove has a nice dock with campsites near the docks in the shaded forest. The upper part of the park has two kitchen shelters, four sheltered, and 10 unsheltered picnic tables. Other camps are located there for those arriving by car. There are some short hiking trails, an amphitheater, badminton, horseshoe pits, volleyball and numerous water activities available. Jarrell Cove State Park also administers five other satellite parks including Harstine Island, McMicken Island, Stretch Point, Eagle Island, and Hope Island State Parks. Across the cove from the park is Jarrell's Cove Marina. This private marina has a public accessible pumpout and a small store. The park is named after Mrs. Philura Jarrel, the first pioneer woman to settle on the island.
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Horseshoe Pit Jarrell Cove shelter state marine park jarrell cove campsites Amphitheater Jarrell Cove Cascadia Marine Trail Sunset Hiking Campground jarrell cove sign Jarrell Cove Jarrell Cove Marina Jarrell Cove Marina Jarrell Cove State Park
Campground and play area
Jarrell Cove East Arm
Jarrell Cove South Arm
Sunset from Jarrell Cove State Park
Hiking trails
Cascadia Marine Trail Campsite
South Dock at Jarrell Cove State Park
Looking over to the State Park from the Jarrell Cove Marina
Looking over to the State Park from the Jarrell Cove Marina
Horseshoe Pit
Upper campsites
Beach at Jarrell Cove looking over to the marina