Red Pine Lake Pfeifferhorn Trip Utah
The Pfeifferhorn (or Little Matterhorn as labeled by USGS) is a local favorite since it has everything that makes a good scramble. A trail to tree line, open slopes, sharp ridgelines and a small pointed summit make this one of the most popular climbs in the area. Because The Pfeifferhorn is so easily accessible, I propose combining it with a few other mountains to make it a full day.
From the White Pine Trailhead, walk one mile through forest to a trail split and large sign. Go right to Red Pine Lake. In 2.3 miles of trail hiking, you reach the lake. The trail continues along the east shore of the lake then crosses a few camps on the other side. Climb through the forest on a minor climbers trail avoiding any boulder fields. The climbers trail will go up a small rib all the way to the ridge top at 10,600ish. On the ridge, youíll now see the summit of The Pfeifferhorn as well as the big peaks to the south like Box Elder Peak and Mt. Timpanogos. Traverse under point 10,897, coming to a knife-edge ridge that requires a little thinking. Although the final 600 feet of climbing up to the summit looks intimidating, itís rather easy, especially since so many before have formed a trail up much of it. From the top, its 360 degrees of Wasatch eye candy. To continue the loop, return back along ridge you just came up but continue the ridgeline until the lowest point below White Baldy. Look for a notch in the rocks to drop down onto the south side, traversing below the ridgeline a bit. Work your way up White Baldy on heather and talus slopes between the NW ridge and South ridges. Once up, work your way along massive boulders toward the true summit. These rocks are really fun; some are just teetering in place. Climb over the summit and down the SE ridgeline. Itís a little dicey here, go slowly. At least once I cliffed out, having to climb back up and find a different route down. Cliffs also prevent you from staying on the ridge down to the saddle. Look for a ramp feature on the north side that must be used to get around the cliffs on the ridge. Once on the saddle between White and Red Baldy, the going is easy. Scramble along the ridge to the summit of Red Baldy with its distinctively different rock color. This summit is much lower than everything else so continue on. Climb down the north ridge on rocks until you feel comfortable dropping to the old road/now trail that is directly below. Hike this trail back to your car. If you had the time and energy, you could also hike American Fork Twin Peaks by continuing on the ridgeline. It looked like a climbers trail ascended from the saddle to the top of Red Top Mountain (a sub-peak of the AF Twins).
Distance: 12 miles RT
Total Elevation Gain: 5,000 feet
Highest Summit Elevation: 11,326 feet
Access rating: Level 1

Pfeifferhorn, White Baldy & Red Baldy Hiking, Climbing and Travel
Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon around 5 miles to the White Pine Trailhead (signed on the right).
Red Pine Lake at sunrise
First views of Box Elder and Timp
First view of the Pfeifferhorn
Broads Fork Twin Peaks in distance
Views to American Fork while traversing to White Baldy
Red Baldy and American Fork Twin Peaks
White Pine Lake
American Fork Twin Peaks from Red Baldy
From White Baldy, to the Pfeifferhorn and Thunder Mountain
Looking back at White Baldy
White Baldy
Utah Climbing
Wasatch Central
Rocks on ridgeline near White Baldy summit
A zoom shot of The Pfeifferhorn from the East
Pfeifferhorn Map
Red Baldy
Red Pine Lake Box Elder and Timp Broads Fork Twin Peaks the Pfeifferhorn Thunder Mountain American Fork Twin Peaks American Fork Twin Peaks The Pfeifferhorn Views to American Fork White Baldy White Pine Lake White Baldy summit
Red Pine Lake
Mount Timpanogos
Looking south to Mount Timpanogos
White Baldy meadow
White Baldy from the north
White Baldy
The summit of White Baldy with Box Elder Peak in the distance
White Baldy view
White Baldy from the Pfeifferhorn