Mill Canyon Peak trail
Since this is the north facing slopes of Mount Timpanogos, the route is much more shaded than the Aspen Grove route. The trail starts up through forests into the Giant Staircase, an cirque surrounded by cliffs and talus fields. Soon it reaches Scout Falls where about half the hikers seem to turn back. Eventually the scenic trail reaches Timpanogos Basin, and you are in a spectacular area. Snow lingers here and at the end of June I was still on several feet of snow. By mid summer, two trails leave the basin here to access the 11,000 foot gap that leads to the summit ridge. From the gap, going south or left will take you to the lookout shelter 749 feet up. Turn right instead following a trail that traverses and a gentle grade. This trail makes difficult terrain easy for a half mile or so. After traversing around the first knob, the route continues on the ridgeline or sometimes just below on faint trails in talus. The real kicker is climbing a highpoint often called Bomber Peak. From this vantage you can now see the dramatic loss in elevation to drop before climbing back up 600 feet to North Timpanogos. All this is easy scrambling but a real time killer. If the weather looks like thunderstorms may develop, don't attempt the route once you reach the gap. On the summit is a nice mailbox with register. The views aren't much different but the satisfaction of a good summit that doesn't get many climbers is your reward. The previous ascent to mine was exactly 2 months.
Everybody in Utah knows Mount Timpanogos. With a nice trail to the summit, everyone seems to have a story of the day they climbed or attempted to climb to its summit. The mass of Timpanogos has several summits and the hardest to reach by far is the north summit. Although many climb it by more challenging spring snow climbs, the easiest route to the summit is via a climbers trail on the ridge from the main Timpanogos trail. This description is from the Timpooneke Trailhead on the north side of the mountain. One could also start at the Aspen Grove Trailhead but I'd already done that twice.
Distance: 7.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 4,600 feet
Summit Elevation: 11,441 feet
Access Rating: Level 1

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Take the Alpine Loop Road in American Fork Canyon or from the Sundance area to the Timpanooneke Campground. About halfway through the camp is the trailhead on the left with a large parking area. Get there early if hiking a weekend morning, it fills up. From the parking area trail signs are 3 trails but the summit trail is well marked.
Timpanogos from Mill Canyon Peak trail
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Timpanogos Basin
Mailbox on top
Basin at 8,600 feet
Scout Falls
Views near the beginning
Timpanogos Basin looking east to Roberts Horn
Looking at the true summit from just below the gap
Just starting the traverse looking back to the gap and the true summit
Just starting the ridge traverse with North Timpanogos in far distance
North Timpanogos from ridge traverse/Bomber Peak area
View north from the summit to Box Elder then the Lone Peak ridgeline east
From the summit looking back to Bomber Peak, true summit and south summit
Views down to Provo and Utah Lake
Late in the day looking at the gap and true summit
View east toward the Uinta Mountains
Final climb up North Timpanogos
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North Timpanogos
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