Bald Mountain
The trail parallels above the road for a short distance but begins climbing on a old dozer track used to make the water terraces in the upcoming meadows. Quickly the trail breaks out of the trees and climbs quickly to the ridgeline at 9,800 where you can now look north. The trail continues down the other side along a fence line so you will be off trail from this point. Follow the main ridgeline left to the summit. I was able to avoid some minor brush by sticking to the far right. The upper slopes are completely brush free and easy to stroll up. Before long, you are on the top enjoying a great view of south Utah County, Nebo, Santiquin/Loafer and the East Tintic Mountains.

For a bonus peak, to see the south face of Bald and to check out the old mine, drop down the south ridge of Bald Mountain to 10,300. From here you can do a dropping traverse below massive cliffs to the saddle between Bald Mountain and Bald Mine Peak. At the saddle you hit a road coming up from Mona Pole Road. This road is open to drive but a short stretch of exposed bedrock will stop most people (shown on map). Other than that short stretch, most 4WD vehicles could easily reach the saddle. To reach the peak and mine, continue up the road from the saddle. For the peak, start climbing up the north ridge before you reach the mine site. The terrain is really easy and enjoyable in fir trees and meadows. Because you can take shelter in trees to within feet of the summit, this would be a good foul weather climb. If you did Bald Mountain first, it's a long but scenic road walk back to the car.

On my way back while walking the road I heard a massive rock face break loose across the valley down in North Creek (where there are tons of cliffs). It was an incredible noise and I think the ground shook. The slide I believe was landing on the forest below because I could hear grown fir trees snapping and being crushed under the weight of the rocks. Unfortunately, I couldn't see where it was or what exactly happened.
Bald Mountain is a relatively unknown peak yet it's the 113th most prominent peak in the state. Everyone has seen it, it's right there as you stare at Mount Nebo from anywhere in Utah County. Bald is one of the many peaks in the northern region of the Nebo mass. With a nice trail half way and easy hiking slopes the remaining way, this is a nice 10,000 foot peak to grab.
Distance: 1.5 miles for Bald Mountain
Elevation Gain: 1,700 feet & 600+ with Bald Mine Peak
Summit Elevation: 10,913 feet & 10,421
Access Rating: Level 3

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Get on the Nebo Loop Highway following signs through Payson. At the Monument Trailhead, just as you turn into the parking lot is a sign for the Mona Pole Road. Follow this dirt road as far as you are comfortable. The Nebo summit trail is in less than a mile and is a good parking area for non 4WD vehicles. The trailhead is around 2 miles up this road and it does have a few rough spots, especially if wet. Park or walk where shown on the map. You should see some primitive camping spots in the trees on your right as well as a small trail marker in the brush.
Bald Mine Peak
Bald Mountain from Twin Knolls
Bald Mine Peak from traverse from Bald Mountain
Bald Mountain Trail Nebo from the trail Trail on terrace Slopes of Bald Mountain Slopes of Bald Mountain Bald Mine Mountain Utah Lake North Peak and Mount Nebo route up Bald Mountain Bald Mine Peak road Mona Pole Road Bald Mountain Map Mountain pass Bald Mountain Nebo and North Peak North-Pole Peak forest
Easy terrain on Bald Mine Peak
Looking south to North-Pole Peak (Peak 9352)
Nebo and North Peak
Bald Mountain from Bald Mine Peak
Near the pass between the two peaks
Looking back at Bald Mine Peak while walking the Mona Pole Road
Bald Mountain from Bald Mine Peak road
Looking down the route up Bald Mountain
The upper slopes of Bald Mountain
Slopes of Bald Mountain
Trail going up the terraces
Just after breaking out of the trees at the start
Nebo from the trail
Utah Lake from the summit of Bald Mountain
Bald Mine Mountain from Bald Mountain
North Peak and Mount Nebo from the summit of Bald Mountain
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