Harbor from Mount Faber
Jurong Bird Park
At Singapore Botanic Gardens
Tram up Mount Faber starts at the top of a building
Singapore is a fantastic place to visit. We ended a cruise there and planned 4 days of sightseeing. I really thought this would be too many days but it was perfect as Singapore has tons to see and do. Knowing we would be there longer than what we give most cities, I did bring a guidebook. We also had a one-year old so we were looking at more than our usual top attractions. Unlike some of the other Southeast Asia cities we had just visited, Singapore was mostly clean and easy to get around, especially with so much signage in English.
Christmas lights on Orchard Road
Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India
View of Harbor from Mount Faber
River ride at dusk
Riverside at night with Fullerton Hotel in distance
The Singapore River


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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Jurong Bird Park

Raffles Terrace near Fort Canning Park
This mountain park is only 345 feet above sea level but its just enough to give it a decent view of the city and Keppel Harbor. I found the tram most interesting, starting from the top of the Harbor Front Center building. The summit has multiple viewpoints through the thick canopy of trees.

Mt. Faber

Riverside boat cruise and/or walk along the Singapore River

With skyscrapers on both sides of the river, we jumped on the boat just at sunset to enjoy the ride in the twilight hours. A cities business district with a river cutting right through it�this was really cool. The ride was cheep, and the boat made several stops, no reservations needed. At the entrance to the river, you�ll see the Merloin Statue, a Singapore national icon. After the ride, we walked back along the waterfront walkways. These were full of shops, venders and restaurants all along the river. Along the walk you can stop at places like the historic Fullerton Hotel, an amazing 5 star hotel, a building conversion with more history than I would ever go into detail here.
This is the sight, (a high hill inside the city) where the founder of the city of Singapore built a home in the early 1800�s. In 1859, this hill than became a military fort with an arms store, barracks and a hospital. It remained in use even during World War II where it was the British Army headquarters only to be lost to the invading Japanese forces. After the war, the British got it back and in 1966 gave it to the Singapore Armed Forces. Today it is a park in the heart of the city where all kinds of historic sights and activities take place.

Fort Canning Park

Very interesting place to visit unless you�ve been to India. We walked the streets, smelled but didn�t eat the food, and looked at trinkets. We looked at the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. The temple was built in 1881, the temple name means �kali the courageous� a goddess with many arms and legs holding weapons (see picture).

Little India

Singapore Zoological Gardens and Night Safari

This place has over 2,000 animals in natural open enclosures. These natural barriers like streams, rocks and vegetation separate you from the animals and it seems as if you are in possible danger. Some of the animals like the monkeys are free to roam the public areas. The Night Safari gives you a chance to see the nocturnal activities of animals as you walk a low lit trail. This was way more interesting than a usually daytime zoo visit.
A nice place to stroll working off a big breakfast, this park is full of manicured gardens, lakes and decrative fountains. I found the regional vegetation very interesting, so vastly different from what I�m use to. With limited interest, we gave it the bums rush.
This is the largest bird park in the Asia Pacific with 8,000 birds and 600 species of birds. Even for a non-bird lover like me, this place was pretty cool. The walking tour allows you to go into aviaries amongst all the birds, many which you could touch. The park also has the highest man-made waterfall in the world.
Boat ride through the heart of town
Singapore City Guide
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Tram up Mount Faber Boat ride through Singapore Boat ride through Singapore Fullerton Hotel in distance The Singapore River Jurong Bird Park Sigapore Botanic Gardens Sigapore Botanic Gardens Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India Christmas lights on Orchard Road Raffles Terrace near Fort Canning Park
Singapore Botanic Gardens
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