Big Baldy near Orem

Big Baldy

Distance: 3 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,300 feet
Summit Elevation: 8,756 feet
Access: Paved
Towering 4,000 feet over Orem, Lindon and Pleasant Grove is Big Baldy. If Mount Timpanogos wasn't another 3,000 feet higher just behind Big Baldy, everyone might give it more notice. With two good low elevation access points, this is a good peak during the snow months. I did this peak in the dark but with all the city lights I didn't even need my headlamp. With the fresh snow across the Wasatch Front, the front mountains were all easily identifiable even at night.
From the parking area, take the trail with the massive steps going steeply up a hill. The trail will pass through some big cliffs similar to a gate. Above this is a meadow. Here you will hit a trail sign, go right continuing up the canyon and meadow. Not far past is an unsigned trail junction. Go left on the trail climbing up the hill vs the trail looking like it continues along the canyon bottom. The uphill trail will climb and switchback a few times. There will be another unsigned junction. Go right climbing up through heavy oak brush. The trail will climb up here to a spot, then descend a bit. Before it descends, a trail will cut left (should be a rock cairn). Go left and you are now on the south ridge trail. I was able to follow it at night so it's in pretty good shape. I did have to stop a few times loosing the main tread but overall you shouldn't have any problem. But, at times it is steep. Wear good traction footwear for this one, especially if the trail could be a bit wet, this is a "climbers trail".
Be forewarned, there is a false summit with a metal pole on top. To reach the true summit, drop back down the trail a few feet and look for a trail going north through the dense brush. It will drop about 100 feet to a saddle then easily climb a ridgeline (the best part of the trip) to the highest point.
Take Exit 273 (W1600N), go east to State Street. Go north one stoplight to E200S which is also 2000N. Turn east, drive to the top of the road and turn left just as the road starts bending south. Go up through a nice neighborhood to a narrow paved road that ends at the paved Dry Canyon trailhead.
Provo on left, Orem on right
Orem (from bump on right in photo below)
Looking NW to American Fork
Through the rock gates
Utah Lake through the rock gates
View from the trailhead at sunset
Dry Creek Canyon from the trailhead
Big Baldy from the Squaw Peak Road
Daytime photo from Dean so you can have an idea of the other view
Another shot from Dean of Mount Timpanogos from the summit of Baldy
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American Fork from Big Baldy Orem and Provo from Big Baldy Orem from Big Baldy Big Baldy Trailhead On the Big Baldy Trail On the Big Baldy Trail Dry Canyon Trailhead Orem Mt. Timpanogos from Big Baldy Utah Lake from Big Baldy