Grandeur from Thayne Canyon
Salt Lake Valley and the Oquirrh Mountains
Grandeur Peak getting near the summit
Grandeur Peak is a popular hike being so close to the city. Although the hike can be done year-round, this is a good opportunity to climb something in winter. When I went up, there was such a compacted trail I never used my snowshoes! The peak has a commanding view of Salt Lake County.
South is Gobblers Knob, Mount Raymond, Thaynes Peaks, Wildcat Ridge, Mt. Olympus
Looking north over Emigration Ridge to Grandview peak (in sun), and Lookout Mountain
Church Fork Peak and Mt. Aire

Grandeur Peak

Distance: 2.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,600 feet
Summit Elevation: 8,299 feet
Access: Paved
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Grandeur Peak Map
From the Millcreek Canyon Road, walk through the Church Fork picnic area to the top where the trailhead and sign are located. Within a short distance up the trail, the Pipeline trail crosses the route. Continue up the main trail going north. Soon the trail becomes switchbacks that take you to a saddle where you now have views of Parleys Canyon and Salt Lake. The trail continues another half mile along the ridge up to the summit.
On the I-215 Belt Route about 2 miles south of the I-80 Interchange is an exit for 3900 South. Take a left at the top of the exit ramp and head east. Proceed just a few hundred yards to Wasatch Boulevard, the first light. Take a left and head north 1 block to the light at 3800 South. Take a right on 3800 South and head east through a neighborhood and the canyon. After about 1 mile, is an entrance station where someone will charge you money. The trailhead is at the top of the Church Fork Picnic area, about 3.2 miles up from Wasatch Boulevard. In winter, the picnic area will be closed and people park off the side of the road on Mill Canyon Road.
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Wasatch Central
Grandeur from Thayne Canyon Trail
Mount Olympus
Looking down into Parleys Canyon
Emigration Ridge to Grandview peak Mount Raymond, Thaynes Peaks, Wildcat Ridge, Church Fork Peak Mount Olympus Parleys Canyon Salt Lake valley Salt Lake City grandeur peak grandeur peak Grandeur Peak Salt Lake Valley hiking
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Salt Lake Valley and the suthern Oquirrh Mountains