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Probably the best way to experience a day of culture is at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Students and staff from six island nations will personally show and talk with you about their culture and country. Although there are presentations, you can walk up and have a conversation with nearly all the staff and students. Each island nation has presentations and games during the day and in the evening; they all get together for a show featuring over 100 Polynesian natives with special effects, animation and surround sound. There are also 3 dining options, each with entertainment as you eat. It is easy to spend nearly a full day at this attraction; I have done it 3 times!
55-370 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI 96762

Polynesian Cultural Center

parade Ahu Tuu Koihu Costume Polynesian Cultural Center map Tattoos boat hut Polynesian Cultural Center Tahiti Polynesian Cultural Center Polynesian Cultural Center Ornamental canoe water
Tahiti entrance
Entrance to the Polynesian Cultural Center
Boat parade
Pictures after the evening performance
Ornamental canoe
Ahu Tuu Koihu Display
Display in a hut
Temporary Tattoos
Display in a hut
Polynesian Cultural Center