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Diamond Head

USS Arizona

This is where all the action is. The beaches in front of the high-rise hotels always have events going on. The streets are full of shops an entertainers. Day and night, this is a fun place to hang out. Everything is in walking distance so a day and night here is a good idea.
I really like Oahu because it offers a bit of everything that is Hawaii. You can be hiking in the jungle all morning, surfing a north shore beach that afternoon and eating in the bustling city of Honolulu that night.
I've climbed a lot of mountains but this one was so packed full of people, I barely squeezed my way to the highest point. A nice trail goes most of the way with a bunch of stairs and bunkers at the top. It's a real riot watching all the tourists struggle the 0.7 mile trail to the summit.
This graveyard in the water stands above the USS Arizona. Inside the memorial are the names of those who died during the Pearl Harbor attack. You can also view a bit of the battleship just below the waterline.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Dole Plantation

To experience Polynesian cultures, you can enjoy a full day and night here. From traditional games to dances and customs, students from 7 cultures like Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti perform and discus their homes. Most of the staff is employed as a scholarship paying for their college at next door BYU Hawaii. Although admission is a bit steep, you are helping someone attend college who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity. Be sure to go to the evening show, a huge event. The buffet Luau is good as well.
This is really a tourist activity rather than a real plantation where anything is grown or processed. The Pineapple Express Train tour takes you through a small field of pineapple plants and some examples of other crops are displayed as well. Older kids will like the worlds largest maze and older folks might like the plantation garden tour.
Used in 3 wars, the last battleship built and the end of WWII was signed on board. This historic ship offers guided or self-guided tours. Several museums are on board cataloging the historic events the ship saw.

Battleship Missouri

Climb Ka'ala, the Oahu Highpoint

Ka'ala is considered one of the hardest hikes on the island. It's definitely one of the most interesting hikes I've ever done. With the tropical vegetation, erratic weather and steep climbing sections fitted with ropes, cables, phone lines and garden hoses, this is one day on your vacation you will remember.
Driving around Oahu
Just driving around and sight seeing is what Hawaii is all about. You will find all kinds of unique places and picture opportunities.
On the Battleship Missouri
Wall of names inside the USS Arizona Memorial
Pineapple Express Train at the Dole Plantation
Games at the Polynesian Cultural Center
Polynesian Cultural Center
My wife during our Honeymoon at the Polynesian Cultural Center. I'm the skinny guy below...who is this guy?
Packed like sheep on top of Diamond Head
Beaches at Kaneohe
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