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Zermatt, Switzerland and The Matterhorn

From Interlaken, we got our stuff and headed for Zermatt. We barely caught all the connections on time but finally found ourselves on the expensive tram to Zermatt late in the afternoon. We hiked through town but I didn't come to see Zermatt. Towering in the distance was the Matterhorn, one of those mountains you've heard about all your life. We hiked up a trail at the far end of town that took us to the base of the peak. When it got near dark, we pitched camp directly beneath the horn on a perfect night. In the morning, we hiked a bit further for a few more pictures before walking back to Zermatt. This time we took our time, seeing what the town had to offer. Theirs nothing better than a town who's main focus is a mountain or mountain climbing. After we ate and grabbed goodies for the next few trains rides, we were off to Chamonix.
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I believe I'm on the wrong rock
I believe the easiest route is up the center ridge to the right of the left skyline
Our campsite below The Matterhorn
Looking back at Zermatt
Life below The Matterhorn
Trail between private property
Hiking out of Zermatt toward the base of The Matterhorn
In Zermatt with no climbing gear
Zermatt with the Matterhorn in back
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zermatt traval map
In Zermatt
Views around Zermatt
Wood sheds along the trail
The Matterhorn
Hiking out of Zermatt
Climbers huts on the left
Zermatt Ski Map
Zermatt Topo Map
We camped here
The Matterhorn