A once very large volcano called Mt. Mazama blew it's self up forming what we now call Crater Lake. This is Oregon's only National Park but it is one of a kind. Nowhere else are you going to find such a large deep blue lake surrounded by cliffs hundreds of feet tall inside a real volcanic crater. Add to this a new volcanic cone rising out of the water.

Crater Lake National Park

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Crater Lake map Crater Lake Access Map 3D view of Crater Lake
The Watchman Lookout
Pinnacles Overlook
Wizard Island
View across Crater Lake to The Watchman and Wizard Island
South end of Crater Lake
South end of Crater Lake
Northern rim of Crater Lake
North part of Crater Lake
Crater Lake
The Rim Village has a visitors center, a cafe, some small shops and picnic areas. The historic Crater Lake Lodge is also nearby. It opened in 1915, has a main hall like other big national park lodges, a big dining hall and it's located on the edge of the rim. A hiking trail up Garfield Peak starts from the Rim Village as well.
Driving the 33 mile Rim Drive around the Crater is the main way most people enjoy the park. There are views most of the route with several big viewpoints to park at. In winter, you can often drive Highway 62 through the park and the road to crater rim at Rim Village. Many cross-country ski around the crater on the Rim Drive.
Your can take a boat tour of the lake! Here is the info: Crater Lake Boat Tours are given daily from mid-July to mid-September, weather permitting. Reservations can be made for half the tickets for each boat. (Reserved tickets must be picked up at the Cleetwood Ticket booth before hiking down.) First-come, first-serve tickets are sold at the Cleetwood Cove Trailhead parking area. Boat tour access requires hiking 2.2 miles round trip on a strenuous trail.
Crater Lake is one of the few parks you can really experience without hiking but as always, a small hike or two will usually enhance your park experience. Here are two reports I have done for easy mountains to hike in the park.
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crater lake map
Watchman, Crater Lake Mount Scott, Crater Lake Crater Lake Crater Lake Northern rim of Crater Lake South end of Crater Lake South end of Crater Lake Crater Lake to The Watchman Pinnacles Pinnacles Overlook Pinnacles Overlook
Pinnacles Overlook
Pinnacles Overlook
The Watchman Lookout Wizard Island