Mahogany North Peak

Distance: 1.4 miles
Elevation Gain: 900ish feet RT
Summit Elevation: 8,926
Access rating: Level 3 Your online resource for hiking, climbing and travel
Mahogany Mountain towers 4,000 feet above American Fork but blends into the foreground of the higher Mt. Timpanogos just behind. Just a bit shorter than Mahogany Mountain, a lesser summit to the north on the same mountain mass is a summit I call Mahogany North. With a basic trail and decent views it's worth an exploration.
Jump the fence and walk the ATV road down a bit, then up the big hill visible from the start. Once on top of this first hill, the remaining route is visible (as drawn on the picture below). The trail will continue down 130 vertical feet to a saddle then continue up the other side to the north ridgeline/saddle of North Mahogany. The trail is a bit brushy and a few hunter trails branch off at times. Overall, the going is easy through grass and aspen trees. Once on the ridgeline and you can see down into the valley, the trail disappears in the grass. Cut left climbing 40 feet with no trail. Now on a more defined ridgeline, you'll quickly find the trail again leading up the ridge to the summit.
Take the Alpine Loop Road in American Fork Canyon or from the Sundance area to the Timpanooneke Campground. Drive all the way through the camp until the road turns to gravel and you hit a gate. This gate is closed in early summer until all the snow is melted on the road behind. Follow the road as it works its way around the north peak of Timpanogos. The road gets rough with rocks so it is slow going. High clearance is wise but 4WD isn't that necessary except there were a few big mud puddles. Most vehicles were large trucks but it was hunting season. Just as Utah County comes into view, teh Mahogany Peaks come in view. Just after a large parking area and then a downhill section, an obvious road turns right (uphill) toward the mountain. Follow this a few minutes to the trailhead (a blocked ATV trail going steeply uphill).
Mahogany North Peak from east Trail up Mahogany North Peak Panorama with Mount Timpanogos Mahogany Mountain Trail Map
Panoramic from Lone Peak, Box Elder Peaks, Mill Creek Canyon Peak, Mt. Timpanogos, Cascade Peak and Big Baldy below that.
mount_timpanogos_from_sagebrush_flats.jpg Sagebrush Flats Utah Valley
Sagebrush Flats from the first saddle
North Timpanogos from the road
Route shown up Mahogany North from the first hill you climb
Mahogany North Peak Mahogany Mountain from north peak Mount_Timpanogos from Mahogany Mountain Kids and North Timpanogos Utah Lake from Mahogany Mountain Utah Valley from Mahogany Mountain Box Elder Peak south ridgeline North Timpanogos Dharma Peak from Mahogany Mountain
North Timpanogos and the location of the car shown just on the back of the hill
Dharma Peak from the drive in
Mt. Timpanogos and Sagebrush Flats
My kids on the summit
Utah Lake
Lehi and out to the Oquirrh Mountains
Box Elder Peak ridgeline to the north
Almost to the summit
View south to Mahogany Mountain
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