Mahogany from Alpine
Mahogany Mountain caught my eye when I saw a bolt of lightning nail the summit. It towers 4000 feet above the cities in the valley but blends into the foreground of the higher Mt. Timpanogos. This is a harder but more interesting route up Mahogany Mountain. The easiest route would be to access the mountain from the road out of Timpanooke Campground in American Fork Canyon. A bit of cross country would be involved but much less elevation climbing.
Start up the Grove Creek Canyon trail, an old jeep road. After awhile, it turns into a nice hiking trail switchbacking a few times, heading into the canyon. In places, quite a bit of work went into blasting a route into the rocks. The higher you climb, the more interesting until it begins to climb out of the canyon and onto Sagebrush Flat below Mt. Timpanogos. About this time you reach the SE ridgeline off Mahogany Mountain. In summer, it’s possible there is a faint trail in this area. I ascended this route in spring so every thing was snow covered. The ridge is fairly easy except a few hundred feet where it was a bit steep. Once on top of the ridge, it’s a long easy hike or snowshoe along the ridge to the summit. A bonus hike of “North Mahogany” can be done by an easy 400 foot drop and 325 foot climb between the summits (returning by Sagebrush Flat).
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,800 feet
Summit Elevation: 9,001 feet
Access rating: Level 1

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From I-15, take the 275 exit onto Pleasant Grove Blvd and follow it as it goes northeast to State Street (US 89). Turn right and follow it a few blocks. Watch for 100 E. which is the first left just after the light and turn left (north) onto it. It may also be signed as SR 146. Within a few blocks you will pass the Pleasant Grove Forest Service Ranger station and not far from there you will see 500 N. (turn right on 500N). Drive 1.4 miles up to the paved trailhead with public toilets.
Grove Creek Canyon Mahogany Mountain
Just leaving the trail, heading up the southeast ridgeline. View looking down valley to trailhead at canyon entrance
Looking up the southeast ridgeline of Mahogany Mountain
ridgeline south of Mahogany Mahogany ridgeline
Nearing the ridgeline south of Mahogany
Hiking the ridgeline north toward the summit
summit of Mahogany Mountain
Reaching the summit of Mahogany Mountain
Lone and Box Elder Peak
Looking north to Lone, Willow Canyon Peak and Box Elder Peak
Timpanogos North Peak
Mt. Timpanogos North Peak
southeast ridge Orem and Provo Mt. Timpanogos Utah Lake
Mt. Timpanogos from the summit of Mahogany Mountain
Utah Lake
Near the summit, looking back toward Orem and Provo
Highland, Alpine, Utah County
Steep section on southeast ridge
Looking down on Highland and Alpine
Mahogany Mountain Map
Mahogany from Alpine
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