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Finding The Children Of Smith Willhite

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One of the best ways to find out information about somebody is to research all their children. There is a good chance there will be something written about his or her father somewhere in their lifetime. This could easily be the case for Smith Willhite as most of his children stuck around the Toronto area. Smith had 5 girls and 2 sons. My relation comes through his son Lewis Franklin Willhite. The other son, William H. Willhite was a bit of a mystery before this 2011 visit to Toronto. I couldn't find much information about his death or his wife Anna. I was also curious if he had split from his wife. Based on a tip from the 1930 census, I wanted to check out the Coyville Cemetery. There was a Anna Willhite but no William in that census. Our search team set out in nearly 100 degree heat to walk through all the tombstones looking for any Willhites. After searching the entire cemetery, we all ended up at the only Willhites we could find, Ralph O. Willhite, a son of William H. We were disappointed not to find William. Then, we noticed just a few feet away, a grave engulfed in some decorative plants. We pulled the plants back and there they were! A nice tombstone of William H. Willhite and his wife Anna R. Dawson. We couldn't believe it....what a rush it was to find it right there. It was the only covered tombstone in the entire cemetery! Later, some of the documents we would scan at Linda's house about William H. would reveal some fascinating things about the younger years of his father Smith Willhite.
Smith Willhite grave
The tombstone of Smith Willhite and Mary Jane Hancock, Toronto Cemetery, KS
During the 2011 visit, we were successfully able to find the graves of all 7 children
Lewis Franklin Willhite Emma W. Willhite grave Isabelle Willhite grave Jessie Pearl Willhite grave Sarah Elizabeth Willhite grave
Lewis Franklin Willhite & Rosa Bell Jones, Toronto Cemetery
Sarah Elizabeth Willhite & Jesse Asbury Carter, Toronto Cemetery
Isabelle Willhite & James Lew Harris, Toronto Cemetery
Emma W. Willhite & William H. Jones, Toronto Cemetery
Jessie Pearl Willhite & Doc Wilbur Jones, Toronto Cemetery
William H. Willhite & Anna R. Dawson, Coyville Cemetery
Jennie C. Willhite grave
Jennie C. Willhite & Norman Franklin Scanlon, Carlisle Cemetery
William H. Willhite grave