Kansas eastern counties
Joseph jumped quickly into life and accomplished much. Unlike his next two brothers who helped out on the family farm and stuck around, he got away from his parents farm quickly. He would end up being just as much the pioneer as his father was, helping start one of the first settlements in Kansas.

Joseph H. Wilhite was born along Bryant Creek, Missouri.
He was the first child between Julius and Elizabeth Wilhite.
The county at the time was Greene County but became Taney County January 6, 1837. County lines continued to change around the homestead, as the home later was in Ozark County, then it became Douglas County (the current day county).
He may have been named after Julius's lifelong friend Joseph Hatfield.

His name first appears at age 15 in the census in Ozark County, Missouri, living with his parents and 4 brothers.

At age 18 he married Elizabeth Tyler in Pettis County, this is documented in the Missouri Marriage Records, recorded as Joseph Wilhoit.

Elizabeth Tyler is the daughter of Patrick Tyler and Nancy (Unknown). She was born in Indiana. It's not clear how Joseph met her other than he went north to find work and met her in his travels. Three years before they married, his future wife was 18 living with her parents and that family was recorded twice, once in Pettis County (where the marriage was) and also in Buchanan County, near Kansas City.

Their first child Sarah J. was born in Missouri in this year.

Abt. 1855
In summer, Joseph and Elizabeth moved from Missouri to Kansas Territory. (Making him the first Wilhite to Kansas in our line). Joseph and Elizabeth followed her parents (Patrick Tyler with his family) who were going to the newly opened area of Anderson County, Kansas Territory. They squatted on a claim on the South Pottowatomie, then in fall moved to another, then made a claim up the steam in the spring of 1856.

Second child Perry T. was born in Kansas

Both Wilhite & Tyler families are living in Garnett. Smith Willhite (Josephs younger brother) was also living there next door. He would go back with the parents by 1858 when they arrive to Kansas down in Woodson County and start his own Grocer business.

Joseph was 25 years old living in Garnett Township, Anderson County, Kansas Territory. He was a Grocer with property worth $300.

On April 4, 1860, Joseph got together with local people and associated themselves together as a town company, under the name of "The Town Company of Garnett," with a capital stock of $8,000, divided into two hundred shares of forty dollars each, for the purpose of obtaining a title to the lands included in the town site. Joseph Wilhite was at that meeting and owned 3 shares. The company proceeded to have the town site surveyed and laid off in streets, alleys, blocks and lots.

For two years that the title of the town site was kept in a state of uncertainty by a probate judge (due to the pro-slavery men vs. free state men contentions), very little improvement was made and few settlers located in the town. Then came the war that kept all improvements from progressing for several years, until the close of the war.

Although he had a wife and two kids, he enlisted in the Civil War. Living in Anderson County the past 5 years would have been very difficult as pro-slavery thugs consistently caused havoc on the free state settlers. Of the estimated 420 men who volunteered from Anderson County, 56 were killed or died of disease while in the service. Recorded are:

Joseph Wilhite, private, Company G. 7th Kansas Cavalry

Malichi Tyler, private, Company C. 10th Kansas Infantry, deceased
(Josephs wife Elizabth Tyler had a brother named Malichi)

There is also a Thomas S Tyler, private, Company M. 15th Kansas Cavalry
(probably related to Elizabeth since her fathers brothers were also in the area having families)

Josephs wife also applied for a pension from his service, recorded in Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934

Kansas Census lists him as farmer with real-estate value of $500 and personal estate at $800. Living in Washington Township, Anderson County

Daughter Josephine was born.

Nearby is Elizabeth's widowed mother Nancy raising her remaining children without the father Patrick.

Still living in Washington Township, Anderson County, Kansas as a farmer. Living next door is his daughter Sarah J. with her husband Esquire J. Preston. Elizabeth's mom Nancy is still nearby raising the remaining children.

Now living in Ottawa Township, Franklin County, Kansas. Showing him as a grocer again, no longer with any real-estate value and having $200 personal value. It seems he may have moved to Ottawa to start up a grocer business after attempting farming when he got back from the war. Remember 1860, he was a grocer before the war but started his business in some bad circumstances.

Again, living in Ottawa Township, Franklin County, Kansas as a grocer. Daughter Sarah J. is also nearby with her husband and two children, Lizzie and Addie. Living at the home with Joseph and Elizabeth is George Tyler, this is Elizabeth's youngest brother. Elizabeth's mom Nancy has passed away now and he's the last one needing care.

Both Joseph (age 60) and Elizabeth (age 63) are living in the City of Ottawa, Ward 1. Their son Perry is still with them there, he is age 38.

At some time between these years, Joseph dies. Elizabeth is a widow on the 1900 census. Joseph Wilhite is buried in Hope Cemetery in Ottawa, Kansas.

Elizabth and her son Perry are still living in the City of Ottawa, Ward 1. In this census we have confirmed that Joseph and Elizabeth had 3 children. But, it also tells us that only two are living. So, one of the daughters had died (I don't know which one yet).

Both Perry and Elizabeth are in the published address book at 102 Keokuk St.

We find Perry Willhite (now age 50) in Ottawa Kansas census, still with his mother Elizabeth, who is listed as 86 years old (an error). Elizabeth (Tyler) Wilhite is buried in Hope Cemetery in Ottawa, Kansas next to her husband Joseph Wilhite

I have no records yet of Perry or Elizabeth beyond this year.

As for the two daughters:
I found Josephine married in 1880 when she was 16 years old to William Filitus Wilkins M.D. He was a well to do physician and scientist, they resided in Kansas City. They had two daughters that I know of, Mary E. and Edith. Mary E. married Samuel J. Jones and had 3 boys, Howard, Lester and Robert.

For Sarah (Wilhite) Preston and Esquire J Preston, they married in 1869 and are burried together in Ottawa. He worked in a Lumber Yard for a time. They had 5 children but only one (daughter Lizzie) lived beyond age 4. The last document I have for Lizzie is at age 9. Her mom would die when Lizzie was 15.
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Ottawa, Hope Cemetery
These are the only 3 "early" Willhite names in the Ottawa Hope Cemetery. The J. H. is Joseph H. Wilhite. Elizabeth is Josephs wife. I believe the F.T. Wilhite is for Perry T. Willhite and the person who transcribed or entered the data thought the P was an F. In 2011, I went to Ottawa to find out but after walking the cemetery for hours, I could not find these three graves (which are likely all one tombstone). I did find Joseph and Elizabeths daughter Sarah who married Esquire J. Preston.
Updated February 2012

1860 Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas

Alvey C P 40 abt 1820 Male Kentucky
Alvey Christina 9 abt 1851 Female Indiana
Alvey Fanny 35 abt 1825 Female Pennsylvania
Alvey John A 7 abt 1853 Male Illinois
Alvey James M 5 abt 1855 Male Illinois
Dinn Hugh 23 abt 1837 Male New York
Alvey J M 26 abt 1834 Male Kentucky

Cook G A 28 abt 1832 Male Ohio
Cook Mary 25 abt 1835 Female Ohio
Cook F D 2 abt 1858 Male Kansas
Cook G D 6/12 abt 1859 Male Kansas

Frankinburger D 39 abt 1821 Male Maryland
Frankinburger Harriet 32 abt 1828 Female Ohio
Frankinburger Sarah 13 abt 1847 Female Indiana
Frankinburger William 9 abt 1851 Male Indiana
Frankinburger John 7 abt 1853 Male Indiana
Frankinburger Edgar 3 abt 1857 Male Kansas

Green Silas 33 abt 1827 Male Ohio
Green Elizabeth B 30 abt 1830 Female Ohio
Green Charles D 4 abt 1856 Male Ohio
Tote Jane N 18 abt 1842 Female New York

Campbell J Y 45 abt 1815 Male Tennessee
Campbell Margaret 45 abt 1815 Female Virginia
Campbell John W 16 abt 1844 Male Tennessee
Campbell George 13 abt 1847 Male Tennessee
Campbell Cemantha 12 abt 1848 Female Indiana
Campbell Martha 6 abt 1854 Female Illinois
Campbell Sarah 9 abt 1851 Female Indiana
Campbell Margaret 1 abt 1859 Female Kansas

Neal Henry 33 abt 1827 Male Pennsylvania
Neal Mary E 23 abt 1837 Female Pennsylvania
Neal Albert 4 abt 1856 Male Pennsylvania
Neal Phoebe 3 abt 1857 Female Iowa

Lampman William 44 abt 1816 Male New York
Lampman Mary A 32 abt 1828 Female England
Lampman Jenett 14 abt 1846 Female Wisconsin
Lampman Alonzo 12 abt 1848 Male Wisconsin
Lampman Emily 10 abt 1850 Female Wisconsin
Lampman Oscar 8 abt 1852 Male Wisconsin
Lampman Melissa 4 abt 1856 Female Wisconsin
Lampman Ida 2 abt 1858 Female Wisconsin

Bruns F G 31 abt 1829 Male Hannover
Bruns Dorethe 28 abt 1832 Female Hannover
Bruns Charles 2 abt 1858 Male Kansas
Bowman Chris 23 abt 1837 Male Ohio

Isaac Samuel 24 abt 1836 Male Maryland
Isaac Anna 19 abt 1841 Female Ohio

Parsons John 40 abt 1820 Male North Carolina
Parsons Seneth 30 abt 1830 Female North Carolina
Parsons Julias 8 abt 1852 Male North Carolina
Parsons William 7 abt 1853 Male North Carolina

Bowman David 30 abt 1830 Male Ohio
Bowman Eliza J 28 abt 1832 Female Ohio
Bowman Loretta 8 abt 1852 Female Illinois
Bowman Arminta 6 abt 1854 Female Illinois
Bowman Susan 2 abt 1858 Female Illinois

Owens Thomas 33 abt 1827 Male Alabama
Owens H H 27 abt 1833 Female Indiana
Owens Samuel 8 abt 1852 Male Missouri
Owens John 6 abt 1854 Male Kansas
Owens Lydia 5 abt 1855 Female Missouri
Owens Amanda 4 abt 1856 Female Missouri
Owens Mary E 4/12 abt 1860 Female Kansas
Benedict J D 25 abt 1835 Male New York
Watty Laura 17 abt 1843 Female Ohio

Wilhite Joseph 25 abt 1835 Male Missouri
Wilhite Elisabeth 27 abt 1833 Female Missouri
Wilhite Sarah 6 abt 1854 Female Kansas
Wilhite Peter F 4 abt 1856 Male Kansas

Setter Martin 26 abt 1834 Male Preu�n
Setter Anna 27 abt 1833 Female Preu�n
Setter Barnard 11/12 abt 1859 Male Kansas

Howard J H 30 abt 1830 Male Ohio
Howard M W 28 abt 1832 Female Illinois
Howard Mary A 4 abt 1856 Female Illinois
Howard Charles 2 abt 1858 Male Illinois

Cavender H 26 abt 1834 Male Illinois
Cavender T J 21 abt 1839 Female Illinois
Cavender Genevia 1 abt 1859 Female Kansas

Springer Harry 49 abt 1811 Male Kentucky
Springer Mary E 45 abt 1815 Female Tennessee
Springer James 18 abt 1842 Male Mississippi
Springer George 15 abt 1845 Male Mississippi
Springer Nancy 12 abt 1848 Female Mississippi
Springer Mary A 10 abt 1850 Female Mississippi

Mcafee Dosey 34 abt 1826 Male Pennsylvania
Mcafee Emeline 34 abt 1826 Female Maryland
Mcafee Ann 14 abt 1846 Female Ohio
Mcafee Mary E 11 abt 1849 Female Ohio
Mcafee Nancy 9 abt 1851 Female Ohio
Mcafee Sarah 8/12 abt 1859 Female Ohio

Teff Coroden 23 abt 1837 Male Michigan
Teff Zeniah 21 abt 1839 Female Michigan
Teff J D 25 abt 1835 Male Michigan
Teff Ruth 21 abt 1839 Female Michigan

Lambert William 30 abt 1830 Male Ohio
Lambert Rosina 29 abt 1831 Female Ohio
Lambert C 7 abt 1853 Male Ohio
Lambert Alfred 5 abt 1855 Male Ohio
Lambert James 1/12 abt 1860 Male Kansas

Mcafee Jeffad 28 abt 1832 Male Ohio
Porter N A 31 abt 1829 Male Ohio
Porter Charity 21 abt 1839 Female Ohio
Porter Alanso 6 abt 1854 Male Ohio
Porter William 4/12 abt 1860 Male Kansas
Porter John 22 abt 1838 Male Ohio

Teff John 54 abt 1806 Male New York
Teff Lorinda 52 abt 1808 Female New York
Teff James 16 abt 1844 Male Michigan
Teff Fay 14 abt 1846 Male Michigan
Teff Gideon 12 abt 1848 Male Michigan
Teff Adeliade 10 abt 1850 Female Michigan
Teff Thomas 8 abt 1852 Male New York
Teff Peter 5 abt 1855 Male Michigan

Kercheval James L 29 abt 1831 Male Kentucky
Kercheval Jane E 24 abt 1836 Female Pennsylvania
Martin Arabella 2 abt 1858 Female Illinois
Beck Robert 22 abt 1838 Male New York

Mcafee A 25 abt 1835 Male Ohio
Mcafee R S 24 abt 1836 Female Pennsylvania
Mcafee Harriet E 2 abt 1858 Female Ohio

Iles G W 30 abt 1830 Male Maryland
Iles Racheal C 22 abt 1838 Female Indiana
Byket Hiram 14 abt 1846 Male Indiana

Miller S B 35 abt 1825 Male Ohio
Miller Martha 26 abt 1834 Female Illinois
Miller Elisabeth 12 abt 1848 Female Illinois
Miller William 6 abt 1854 Male Illinois
Miller Albert 1 abt 1859 Male Kansas
Ross A M 26 abt 1834 Male Indiana

Olinghouse Lewis 31 abt 1829 Male Ohio
Olinghouse Francis 26 abt 1834 Female Pennsylvania
Olinghouse Melinda 7 abt 1853 Female Iowa
Olinghouse Sarah Jane 5 abt 1855 Female Iowa
Olinghouse Eli 2 abt 1858 Male Minnesota

Smith J G 35 abt 1825 Male Ohio
Smith J B 26 abt 1834 Female Ohio
Smith Laura 2 abt 1858 Female Kansas
Smith Wilber 6/12 abt 1859 Male Kansas

Stitt J B 47 abt 1813 Male Ohio
Stitt Mary C 45 abt 1815 Female Virginia
Stitt Hannah R 17 abt 1843 Female Indiana
Stitt Martha 16 abt 1844 Female Indiana
Stitt Harriet 14 abt 1846 Female Indiana
Stitt Samuel 12 abt 1848 Male Indiana
Stitt Catharine 8 abt 1852 Female Indiana
Stitt Emily 4 abt 1856 Female Indiana

Busenbark L F 33 abt 1827 Male Ohio
Busenbark Nancy 27 abt 1833 Female Ohio
Busenbark Dow 6 abt 1854 Male Indiana
Crawford S J 25 abt 1835 Male Indiana
Simons A 32 abt 1828 Male Ohio

Johnston W A 29 abt 1831 Male North Carolina
Johnston M A 32 abt 1828 Female Indiana
Johnston M E 10 abt 1850 Female Indiana
Johnston J M 8 abt 1852 Male Indiana
Johnston S J 6 abt 1854 Female Indiana
Johnston J G 4 abt 1856 Male Missouri
Johnston D T 2 abt 1858 Male Missouri

Houston D W 33 abt 1827 Male Ohio
Houston M A 31 abt 1829 Female Pennsylvania
Houston G M 5 abt 1855 Female Pennsylvania
Houston James J 2 abt 1858 Male Pennsylvania
Johnson John 25 abt 1835 Male Pennsylvania

Mcglaughlin James 47 abt 1813 Male Ohio
Mcglaughlin Mary 40 abt 1820 Female Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin J L 18 abt 1842 Male Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin Caroline 15 abt 1845 Female Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin F J 13 abt 1847 Female Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin Mary E 11 abt 1849 Female Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin T S 9 abt 1851 Male Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin J E 6 abt 1854 Male Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin H D 4 abt 1856 Female Iowa
Mcglaughlin William 10/12 abt 1859 Male Kansas

Lindsay Thomas 33 abt 1827 Male Ohio
Lindsay Martha J 23 abt 1837 Female Ohio
Lindsay J G 23 abt 1837 Male Ohio
Lindsay Samuel D 20 abt 1840 Male Ohio

Hidden Charles 40 abt 1820 Male Vermont
Hidden Lousia 33 abt 1827 Female Vermont
Hidden Mary E 11 abt 1849 Female Ohio
Hidden Laura 8 abt 1852 Female Ohio
Hidden George 6 abt 1854 Male Kentucky
Hidden Horace 4 abt 1856 Male Kentucky
Hidden Otis 1 abt 1859 Male Kansas
Hidden A Graham 17 abt 1843 Male Ireland
Wilson James J 13 abt 1847 Male Illinois

Tefft Hiram 31 abt 1829 Male New York
Tefft Clarissa 31 abt 1829 Female New York
Tefft Ruth A 9 abt 1851 Female Michigan
Tefft Hiram A 6 abt 1854 Male Michigan
Tefft Ira V 3 abt 1857 Female Michigan
Tefft George 19 abt 1841 Male Michigan
Philips Sarah 27 abt 1833 Female New York

Harley C J 28 abt 1832 Male New York

Harley Josephine 24 abt 1836 Female Pennsylvania

Tefft William 27 abt 1833 Male New York
Tefft C 28 abt 1832 Female Canada
Tefft Louinda 10 abt 1850 Female Michigan
Tefft Mary 8 abt 1852 Female Michigan

Starr John S 35 abt 1825 Male New York
Starr L M 29 abt 1831 Female New York
Starr A M 7 abt 1853 Female Michigan
Starr H A 5 abt 1855 Female Michigan

Dawn Adeline 36 abt 1824 Female New York
Dawn J 18 abt 1842 Male Vermont
Dawn Mary 14 abt 1846 Female New York

Slints John B 41 abt 1819 Male Pennsylvania
Slints M A 40 abt 1820 Female Pennsylvania

Hall J J 31 abt 1829 Male Indiana
Hall Elizabeth 20 abt 1840 Female Ohio
Hall S T 7/12 abt 1859 Male Kansas
Young Saml 24 abt 1836 Male Ohio
Young Mary A 14 abt 1846 Female Ohio

Johnston J 24 abt 1836 Male Indiana
Johnston Julian 24 abt 1836 Female Arkansas
Johnston Mary A 4/12 abt 1860 Female Kansas

Tefft Christiana 6 abt 1854 Female Michigan
Tefft C 4 abt 1856 Female Michigan
Tefft William 6/12 abt 1859 Male Kansas

Franker Marrion 26 abt 1834 Male Illinois
Franker Mary 21 abt 1839 Female Illinois
Franker Fremont 4 abt 1856 Male Kansas
Franker Haden L 2 abt 1858 Male Kansas
Franker George 2/12 abt 1860 Male Kansas

Vangilder C P 26 abt 1834 Male Indiana
Vangilder M 29 abt 1831 Female Illinois
Vangilder A 4 abt 1856 Male Illinois
Vangilder Mary 2 abt 1858 Female Kansas

Mcglaughlin W 35 abt 1825 Male Pennsylvania
Mcglaughlin Elizabeth 30 abt 1830 Female Pennsylvania
Wilson F 9 abt 1851 Female Illinois

Graham George 40 abt 1820 Male Ireland
Graham M 49 abt 1811 Female Ireland
Graham A J 13 abt 1847 Female Ireland

Springer Wm 21 abt 1839 Male Missouri
Springer Mary A 18 abt 1842 Female Illinois
Kansas Counties near Missouri Line
Name, age, aprox.birth, sex, birth location
Garnett Kansas
Garnett Kansas in early 1900's
Anderson County Courthouse
anderson county courthouse joseph wilhite 1857
1857 Anderson County Territorial Kansas Census
With the last name mis-spelled. We see Smith Willhite and Joseph Willhite as heads of households. Also there is Josephs wifes family with her father Patrick Tyler as head of the home and her brother Abner Tyler and his family. Her father Patrick dies in 1860 leaving Joseph to help care for his mother-in-laws large family.
Anderson County Courthouse
Anderson County Courthouse 2011
hope cemetery ottawa Esquire J. Preston grave
Grave of Sarah J Willhite Preston & Esquire J. Preston
Hope Cemetery Gateway Sign