South Whidbey State Park

South Whidbey Island State Park, you will either love it or hate the place. Take note that to reach the beach, you have to drop 200 feet down a dirt and possibly muddy trail. While down there, you can be sure that a ranger is up above ticketing vehicles without a Discover Pass. If you want easy beach access, try one of the other Whidbey Island State Parks. But for those who like to get away from the crowds, South Whidbey offers some secluded beach spots, some 3.5 miles of trails, and 250 year old growth Douglas-fir and cedar trees scattered throughout the park. The park reportedly has 46 camping spaces but I have been to this park twice and seriously have no idea where they are at. The Washington State Parks hasn't put a map together for the park so I can't even see where I went wrong. I strongly suspect this park is on the chopping block, soon to become a county park managed by Island County. Now that I have started and internet rumor, lets finish the list of amenities. There is one amphitheater, a sheltered picnic area, and a bunch of secluded picnic areas that offer plenty of privacy for small groups.
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From Freeland, drive seven miles north on Smugglers Cove Road. From Coupeville, drive 15 miles south on Smugglers Cove Rroad.
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The amphitheater
Looking across the Strait to the Olympic Mountains
Start of the Forest Discovery North Trail
Forest Discovery North Trail