Okanogan Post Office Lookout

Elevation: 860 feet
Distance: Drive-up
Access: Paved Road
In the 1930s there was a firefinder on top of this post office building. The building is no longer a post office. Several historical references and documents verify the existence of the lookout on the roof. It is located at the SW corner of 2nd Avenue & Queen Street in downtown Okanogan. Photos were taken from the lookout in 1930. It is possible the lookout was just used for training purposes but Ray Kresek found the building listed in the Structure Inventory Book at the Okanogan NF supervisor's office when doing his research. The inventory of 28 lookouts on the Chelan (Okanogan) NF on the books between 1921 and 1957 had an entry that read: "Okanogan Post Office Building had a lookout... 1930".
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Looking Northeast 1930
Looking Northwest 1930
Looking South 1930
The Old Post Office Building in 2015
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