Warkum AWS

Warkum AWS Site

Warkum was a remote AWS site in Olympic National Park. Warkum was located just above Indian Pass in a strategic location to catch enemy aircraft coming off the coast, sneaking up the Bogachiel or Calawah River Valleys, in route to bomb the Puget Sound region. What remains is unknown for now until a site visit. There was a 12x14 building built with AWS funds, abandoned in 1943. Aerial photos show it still standing in 1952. Trees now cover the forest opening on the ridge but the site has never been logged, or likely visited much since it was abandoned.
Location: Center of Section 29, Township 28 North, Range 11 West
Ownership at time: Olympic National Park
Elevation: 2,400 feet
Distance: 6 miles
Aircraft Warning Service - Washington State
AWS In Washington
Date of Document: May 1, 1944
Title: Inactivated Stations
Station Name: Baker 5-8 Warkum
Location: In Olympic National Park on U.S. Park Service Land.
Building: Newly Constructed 12x14 building built with AWS funds
Plans after war: To abandon
Date inactivated: 7/25/1943
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Site Visit - Likely in 2017
Have not visited....info pending site visit
Bogachiel River Trail to the Snider Jackson Trail (Rugged Ridge Trail), then off trail up the ridge to site.
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AWS map
AWS map with activation and inactivation dates
Location of the Warkum AWS site
1952 aerial photo showing opening and possible structure
Topo map showing AWS location
Information Learned From Above Document
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