Lincoln Guard Station Area

When the observers were not at the summer station up on Bellview, they were placed in the valley below at the Lincoln Guard Station. The guard station was constructed around 1929 and was in control of the National Park Service in the early 40s. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) had a spike camp established about five hundred feet to the east of the Guard Station. This camp established in 1934 had a small contingent of men from the main Lake Cushman Camp, known as Camp Cushman. The spike camp had frame buildings, a tool shed, blacksmith shop, and vehicle storage buildings. During the war, the AWS observers were in one of the old CCC buildings. AWS documents say the building was an existing station, a reconditioned CCC building and that no AWS funds were involved. Other structures existed in the area of Lincoln Guard Station, including the Staircase Resort which had numerous cabins. Today, the Lincoln Guard Station is one of just a few guard stations still standing in Olympic National Park. The guard station is known today as the Staircase Ranger Station. It is ineligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places due to alterations to the exterior. As for all the CCC buildings, in 1955 heavy snowfall collapsed the roofs of many of them, so the Park personnel removed the buildings.
Location: Section 4, Township 23 North, Range 5 West
Ownership at time: Park Service Land
Date activated: October 10, 1942
Aircraft Warning Service - Washington State
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Lincoln shown on the AWS map with arrow from summer only Bellview Station
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Lincoln in Olympic National Park on Forest Service Land, an existing reconditioned structure to be retained for the Park Service with no AWS funds involved
1947 USGS - 1957 version, showing the Lincoln Guard Station above Lake Cushman
Lincoln Guard Station
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1938 map with Lincoln Guard Station
Todays map showing Staircase Ranger Station instead of Lincoln Guard Station
Lincoln Guard Station
lincoln guard
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