Elkhorn Ranger Station - AWS

When the observers were driven by snow from the summer station up on Dodger Point, they were placed in the valley below at the Elkhorn Ranger Station. AWS documents in 1943 showed Elkhorn as an existing station in Olympic National Park, reconditioned, to be retained, a CCC building and no AWS funds were involved in construction. Elkhorn is the location where a story is told that the two people stationed had such a bad case of cabin fever that they were no longer speaking to each other and had divided the cabin with a chalk mark down the center of the floor. Before the Ranger Station built in 1933, it was a guard station and much smaller, it was in the National Forest at that time. Located there are four structures, a ranger cabin, a woodshed, a shelter and a barn. The cabin and woodshed are in their original location, while the barn and shelter were moved in the mid 1990's due to a change in the river channel and concern of losing the structures. The Elkhorn Guard Station was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 13, 2007.
Location: Section 32 T28N R6W
Ownership at time: National Forest Land
Date activated: October 14, 1942
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Elkhorn R.S. on the AWS map
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Elkhorn, Olympic National Park, Park Service Land, Existing Station, Reconditioned, Retain, Park Service, No AWS funds involved
Elkhorn winter station and Dodger Point the summer station
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I took this of the Elkhorn Barn and shelter around 1992