Ryan's Park

Ryans Park is a tucked away community park established in 1992. The park was originally called Celebration Park and many maps still show that name. The park has several access points from the surrounding neighborhoods. One side of Ryans Park is also a greenbelt with a short walking trail and seasonal creek. The park amenities include a large field for activities, a large kids play area, picnic tables, and bbq grills. Ryans Park was renamed in 2009 for Ryan Alan Hade, a seven year old who was molested and left for dead in the park by a violent sex offender. In response, Washington adopted the Community Protection Act of 1990, the nation's first state law for the indefinite civil confinement of sexual predators. Ryan Hade died at age 23 when his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck.

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Playground at Ryans Park
Ryans Park field
Trail in Ryans Park to access 78th Street