Loyalty Park

The oldest park in Sumner is Loyalty Park, the largest open space near the downtown area. The park is very accessible for many residents and a popular place for picnics or getting the kids out of the house. There is a playground area, picnic tables, a basketball court and a very large grass field for games. Because the park is so old, the trees are the largest in the area. The land for Loyalty Park was donated. It was once planted with hops farmed by L. F. Thompson. The area was donated to the City shortly after the disaster of the hops industry, the aphid disease of 1892-1893. Until about 1913, the park was covered with brush and weeds along with many maple trees. In about 1914-1915, the City installed sewers and paved the main streets around the park. In 1914 the Women's Civic Club of Sumner was organized, activity plans were made and the park became a reality.

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