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Steamboat Rock

Steamboat Rock offers one of the more unique hiking destinations in Washington. The views from the summit are quite unusual as well, with a spectacular view of the Grand Coulee. The high basalt rock only has one vulnerable access point to get a trail to the summit. Steamboat Rock can be hiked year round, with changing scenery from summer to winter and perspectives during mornings and evenings, it shouldn�t disappoint.
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Distance: 1 to 3 miles RT
Summit Elevation: 2,312 feet
Elevation Gain: 550 feet
Access: Paved
Drive SR 155 north of US 2 or south from the Grand Coulee Dam to Steamboat Rock State Park. The trailhead is well signed along the main road that goes between the campsites and the day use area.
At first the trail is wide and graveled gradually going up through sage brush land to the base of the cliffs. A nice picnic area in the pine trees just before the trail gets steep is a good view point for someone not wanting to go all the way up. As the trail narrows climbing through the cliffs, you might need your hands in a few spots. Anyone can make this hike, but it is a step up from a regular hiking trail. Once over the brief rocky section, the trail eases up and then splits. To the left is the south viewpoint and the benchmark location. To the right is the way to the highest spot on Steamboat Rock. Going right, the trail climbs up to the rim, and then follows the rim edge north around to the highpoint. Going left, the trail shortly splits again. Another left is a steep climb to a rim, keep going past the rim down a bit until you reach a large rock with the view. A right at the second split goes up to the benchmark, shown on topo maps. A trail continues around the rim, probably meeting back up with the rim highpoint trail.
Steamboat SP
Glacier erratic
Steamboat Rock trailhead Trail up Steamboat steamboat rock trail steamboat rock trail steamboat rock trail steamboat rock trail grand coulee area steamboat rock state park Grand Coulee Banks Lake
Viewpoint in route to the highpoint
View toward Grand Coulee Dam area
View north from the true summit
Looking east from the true summit area
steamboat rock state park Steamboat Rock Steamboat Rock 1938 Benchmark Glacier erratic
View from the Benchmark to the true summit area
View from the true summit south toward the Benchmark
View from the rim trail to the true summit
Banks Lake steamboat rock trail hiking steamboat rock steamboat rock trail
Heading up to the south summit viewpoint
1938 Benchmark
Looking south down Banks Lake from the south viewpoint
Getting to the cliff opening
Trail below the basalt
A few pine trees for shade
Between the rock and the campground
Trailhead at the campground
Trail up Steamboat Rock
Going up the gap
Snake encounter
Trail up Steamboat Rock