Shoreview Park & Boeing Creek Park

Shoreview Park in Shorewood is located in a very unique location. Situated on a steep hillside, park developers have really made some nice facilities in a safe and effective way. A series of stairs and ramps reach when the road canít. Still, the road climbs up to the tennis courts, all 6 of them high on a bench above the lower parking lot. The ballfields are terraced above and below the parking lots. To reach the off-leash dog area, signs point up the hill on a trail. For better access, look for signs around the Shoreline Community College Campus. The upper access point is on a small road behind the campus buildings. Back down at the main park, you will also find two areas of kids play equipment, grills, restrooms, views of the Olympic Mountains, and a trailhead. The trailhead accesses the second half of Shoreview Park, the hiking. For an urban park, the trails are quite impressive. At times the trees hit old growth status. In the forest, the park merges with Boeing Creek Park, which is officially a separate park. The trails still connect so it is difficult to know which is which. Boeing Creek is probably the division point. The creek takes its name from William Boeing who built a mansion along the creek in 1913.
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William E. Boeing, founder of the Boeing Company, first began to purchase land surrounding Boeing Creek in the late 1920's after building a home in 1914 in the Highlands - a gated community south of the park. Boeing used the land as a private hunting and fishing retreat. He created a small dam to form nearby Hidden Lake, built a trout hatchery to stock the lake for fishing an da caretaker's home to oversee the rearing of game birds such as pheasants. Mr. Boeing transferred the land in the 1960's that now encompasses Shoreview and Boeing Creek Parks to the Shoreline School District for school construction. When a levy failed to fund construction of a school, King County bought the property to establish a park. The City of Shoreline assumed ownership of the parks in 1997. The creek flowing through this park has had a variety of names from "unnamed stream" on original water rights maps to Hidden Creek or Hidden Lake Creek. The official name of Boeing Creek was adopted by the U.S. Geological Survey in September 1979 in honor of Mr. Boeing.
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