Ronald Bog Park

Lying along side busy Interstate 5 in Shoreline is Ronald Bog Park. The park is lined by two very busy local roads, so just about everyone knows it is there. The park is mostly a large grassy field with a lake at one end. There is a shelter and some artwork at different ends. History in the park says it was once a peat bog and an early settler living in the area made it into a cranberry bog. At times, a small pond would develop. In the 1950ís, the bog was mined for its peat. In 1974 the land was purchased by King County but nothing was done with it. Today it is owned by the City of Shoreline and continues to be a park. Also part of Ronald Bog Park is the Pacific Northwest Conifer Arboretum. This mini arboretum features the many different conifer trees that grow in the greater Northwest Region. Unfortunately, the little tree identifiers were missing and the trail seemed overgrowing. Hopefully someone will show an interest in this unique corner of Shoreline and make some improvements. The name Ronald is for Judge James Ronald, an early resident in the Shoreline area. He was also the Mayer of Seattle in 1892-1893.
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Beaver damage
Trail through the conifer arboretum
Pacific Northwest Conifer Arboretum