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Seattle Children's Museum

At this museum, every exhibit is interactive which allows little hands and growing minds to explore play and learn. With 22,000 square feet of exhibits, children ages 10 months to 10 years old and their families can learn and explore together.
The first stop for most visitors, the Mountain Forest allows children to explore textures, colors and sounds found on a mountain hike.
The Mountain Forest
From North or Southbound I-5, Take the Mercer St/Seattle Center exit (exit 167). Turn right at the first traffic light onto Fairview. Turn left at the next traffic light onto Broad St. Turn right onto 5th Ave. Seattle Center will be on your left hand side
Washington Sights
Watch and learn as a maze of lifts, levers and pipes move balls throughout this exhibit. A lesson in cause and effect is fun for everyone!

Cog City

Sail in the USS Sunbacker as you head for an adventure experiencing different cultures from around the world. Visit a tailor shop in Ghana, ride through the Philippines on a tricycle or enjoy some sushi in Japan.

Global Village

Children and adults can explore various art mediums and experience the joy and satisfaction of creating their own artistic works. Sculpt with clay, paint, help with the monthly project and more.

Imagination Studio

Reserved for the littlest visitors, "the Bay" is designed for toddling and touching! See real fish move about in the aquarium, play peek-a-boo in the seaweed and make waves in our newly renovated water table

Discovery Bay

Designed for all ages, this theater is equipped with a stage, props, costumes and a working light and sound board. Caregivers can sit back and watch each debut performance their child creates.

Bijou Theatre

A bite-sized store that is a perfect place for children. Shop throughout the store, load your cart and then head to the checkout stand. Children can learn about the food groups, practice math with the weekly specials or learn about categories and colors as they sort vegetables.

Metropolitan Market Grocery Store

Grab a hard hat and a tool belt and let the building begin. Young architects and builders will love this hands-on interactive area where their latest engineering masterpieces cdome to life.

Dunn Lumber Construction Zone

Order up a meal and watch the creativity begin. Little chefs can make a meal, bus a table or take an order as they run their own restaurant.

La Cocina del Cacto Restaurant

An outdoor exhibit with an urban garden to learn about flowers, vegetables, bugs, worms and dirt.
Lilí Green Thumbs
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