Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

Maybe the best kept secret in Renton is Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. They even changed the name from Lake Washington Beach Park to through us all off the trail of this wonderful park located at the south end of Lake Washington. Coulon Beach Park is perfectly located right on the water on the southeast corner of the lake, right where the sun shines when it finally breaks through the thick cloud layer in late afternoons. If more I-405 commuters knew it was there, you would see more people getting off the freeway and relaxing until rush hour was over. This park has all the amenities of a normal park but a few added features. The regular amenities are picnic shelters, playground equipment, two tennis courts, a horseshoe pit, two sand volleyball courts, a fishing pier, swimming in the summer, and eight boat launch lanes. As far as the unusual stuff, there is an Ivars Seafood Bar/Restaurant and other concessions right on the water, inside the park grounds. The other big feature is the interpretive botanical walkway that goes around a mile along the waterfront. Few parks have such a nice manicured walkway with a stunning view. One good tip from a local was to return during Christmas time when the park is decorated in festive lights. Other events at Coulon Beach Park are the Kids Fishing Derbies, the Annual 4th of July festivities, and the Kidd Valley Summer Concert Series.
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