Lake Tapps North Park

The largest and most popular park on Lake Tapps is Lake Tapps North Park. Lake Tapps North charges a fee to enter the grounds as it is managed by Pierce County Parks & Recreation. Remember, Lake Tapps is not a city yet but a community located between Bonney Lake and Auburn. This fee is unfortunate but it does keep the riff-raff out and the grounds/facilities well manicured. The park is most popular as the boat launch area for Lake Tapps. If you have a boat on a trailer and need an official boat launch, you will need to go to this park. A few other parks on Lake Tapps will work for portable small boats that can be carried to the water. Swimming is also very popular at Lake Tapps North Park. The views to Mount Rainier here on a good day are exceptional. Other amenities include barbecue grills, a seasonal concession stand, picnic tables, restrooms and a few trails. The hours of Lake Tapps North Park should be noted. First, the park is closed from October through March! This is a reservoir and lake levels are much lower in these months. The second time issue is that the park is only open from from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and no new vehicles allowed to enter the park after 7 p.m. On hot days and weekends, when the park fills the gates are closed.
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