Steliko Lookout


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This lookout is located at a strategic spot, at a fairly low elevation up in the Entiat River Valley. The lookout is just 10 feet off the ground, with an L-4 cab built in 1947. Previously the lookout site was a camp as early as 1925. The Steliko lookout is still used at times today during high fire danger. A road climbs up from the little community of Ardenvoir but conditions of the road vary. If the road is bad, you can park at the bottom near the Forest Service sheds, and walk the road. Others have hiked up the West Ridge, about a 1.3 mile hike.
Elevation: 2,586 feet
Distance: Drive-up
Road Access: Dirt, possible ruts, steep
From Wenatchee, take Highway 97A north 14.5 miles to Entiat. Turn left on the Entiat River Road, follow 10 miles to Ardenvoir. Just past town is the large Forest Service sheds on the right, look for FS road 5310 nearby. Park here or drive the 1.7 miles to the lookout. Near the top, go right at the first fork and left at the second fork.
steliko lookout steliko lookout steliko lookout steliko lookout map
Steliko - Looking Southwest - 1934
Steliko - Looking Southeast - 1934
Steliko - Looking North - 1934
Looking Southwest - 2015
Looking Southeast - 2015
Looking North - 2015
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Driving up
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Steliko Lookout
Phoneline to Ardenvoir
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(firefinder - building built in 1947)