Goodman Hill Lookout

The Goodman Hill Lookout is still standing. It is not safe to climb but has been by eager visitors. Still, the forest has grown up around the lookout and the views may even be blocked now…I couldn’t tell for sure from below. There is even a tree growing up from below in the center of the 4 concrete foundations. Since the trees are encroaching from all around, you can’t even see the lookout until you are at the foott of it! The lookout is fenced in, including a barbwire top. Interestingly, there is also a small cabin next to the Goodman Hill Lookout that looks to be the old watchman's cabin. It is also fenced in so getting inside for a peek is difficult. says Goodman Hill Lookout was a 100 foot wooden tower with an 8x8 cab, built in 1955, and has been abandoned since 1970.
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Goodman Hill Goodman Hill goodman hill lookout map Goodman Hill Goodman Hill
Old cabin next to the tower
Goodman Hill Lookout Tower 2013
Goodman Hill Lookout Tower 2013
Older photo