Hylebos Nature Area

This property consists of 15.3 acres and was purchased and is managed by Pierce County and the City of Fife. The site is adjacent to Hylebos Creek near the upstream extent of tidal influence. The Hylebos Nature Area for visitors consists of just one wide gravel trail that goes from one end to the other. The park is maintained with the help of volunteer groups. There are several viewing platforms along the trail but shrubs and trees have quickly overtaken the views of Hylebos Creek. Only the creek crossing at the 4th Street Entrance has a view.

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The park is accessible by a trailhead located at the dead end off 4th Street East or a small parking area at the corner of 62nd Avenue East and 8th Street East.
The Creek had been straightened and channelized by placing wooden planks on both banks of the Creek. This reduced the site's habitat value for juvenile salmon an da variety of other animals in this area. Six acres were regraded along the Creek to create channels, backwater pools, and brackish marshes that serve as rearing and feeding habitat for juvenile salmon. Existing wetlands and vegetation were enhanced to provide wildlife habitat for birds and small mammals in the buffer areas. Native vegetation was planted on gently sloping surfaces fringing the pools and on the upland portions. This project is just upstream from a City of Tacoma project and these two sites have enhanced the habitat connectivity in the lower reaches of the Creek. As a side benefit, the project increases water storage which reduces flood risk for upstream residents.
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Entrance at the corner of 62nd Avenue East and 8th Street East
Bluff above the trail
Hylebos Nature Area trail
Viewing area one
Viewing area two
Bridge over Hylebos Creek near 4th Street East
Hylebos Creek looking downstream from the bridge
Hylebos Creek looking upstream from the bridge
Parking at the end of 4th Street East
Map (above) and aerial view (below) showing location of the Hylebos Nature area, trail drawn in from 4th to 8th Street East