Nelson Farm Park & Community Garden

One of the best community gardens in the region can be found at the Nelson Farm Park in Edgewood. This is a large property with a huge potential. It was purchased with Pierce County Conservation Futures grant funds. Currently, there are raised planting beds for locals to reserve for flower and vegetable growing. The property also holds some compost bins, the old farmhouse and a barn. To adopt a planting bed in the pea patch contact City Hall. According to the city website, in the future, the property may be utilized for use by groups with an agricultural focus, such as Future Farmers of America or 4-H. There is also an opportunity for the property to be used as an educational working farm in the future with a full-time caretaker to work the land, assist those who wish to use the planting beds with their projects and provide various workshops on topics such as growing your own food and organic gardening.
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