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The city of Duvall is lucky to have McCormick Park so conveniently located at the bottom of the hill from the downtown area behind the train depot. McCormick Park is also located right off the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. This park offers a nice place to relax and just watch the Snoqualmie River meander along. With large open fields of grass and plenty of sitting benches, bring a book or take a nap. Just donít set up campÖ.the police station is right next door and even shares a parking lot. In at least one spot, a nice sandbar is located for easy family access to the water. At this time, the park doesnít offer any picnic shelters or kids play areas giving the park a more natural feel. It is possible the park floods so maybe it just isnít practical to build any long term structures. McCormick Park is the location for several Duvall Community events like the Duvall Summer Stage concerts in the park.
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