Sellers City Park

Sellers City Park in the historic DuPont Village is a classic neighborhood park with big trees and lots of room to roam around. Used by local residents only, you won't find much parking available. Some of Sellers City Park limited amenities are a play structure, a picnic shelter, a few picnic tables, 2 barbeques, water fountains, some volleyball poles, horseshoe pit, and a basketball court. Some of the DuPont trails pass through Sellers City Park. One heads south passing right by Sellers Lake on a narrow grassy trail until it hits Wilmington Drive and the Center Drive Trail. A loop can be made by turning right, walking a minute, then turning right again heading back toward Sellers Park. Soon this trail becomes paved as it merges with a trail from the State Farm Building, which is just over the hedges. The paved trail passes the park and continues on to Haskell Street, including other trail connections.
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Trail to Sellers Park from Wilmington Drive (Center Drive Trail)
The Center Drive Trail along side Wilmington Drive
Paved section between State Farm and Sellers Park
Trail along Lake Sellers