Indian Tom Park

Who is Tom Wil-etch-Tid? I donít know but for his act of compassion in saving the lives of three early pioneer children during the 1855 White River Massacre, he now has a park dedicated to his name. The plaque on a rock says this information was presented by Auburn Rio Verde Golden "K" Kiwanis Club through the cooperation of the City of Auburn Park Department and The Auburn Centennial Commission 1991. Indian Tom Park is small, less than a half acre. It was a donated parcel to Auburn from King County in 1979. The park is located on a residential lot, used by the local homes which are tightly compact with few if any yard space. There is a picnic bench, some small kids play equipment and some grassy fields. Just feet away though is Scootie Brown Park, which is a bit bigger and has a few more amenities.
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