Centennial Viewpoint Park - Auburn

At just 0.7 acres, Centennial Viewpoint Park mainly serves as a viewpoint overlooking Auburn. The view south extends well past all the way to Mount Rainier. For many years, the location was more of a gravel pull-out until it was developed into a park in 1991. It was built by the Auburn Rotary Club during Auburn's Centennial year celebration. You can find picnic tables, public art and views. (When I was a teenager, I was riding my bike past the viewpoint one day when it was full of law-enforcement. That night on the news, I learned that the Green River murder had dumped a body there...yikes!)

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Located across the road from Mountain View Cemetery at 402 Mountain View Drive. This is just above the Peasly Canyon Road and the Highway 18 freeway that climbs up into Federal Way. See map below to access.
Driving Directions
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Overgrowing viewpoint
Monument for those involved in the park creation
The view of Mt. Rainier
rainier view
Public art
A photo I took in the 80's from the viewpoint