Distance: 3.31+ miles
Elevation Gain: 200 feet
Access: Paved Roads

Tehaleh Forest Loop Trail

Someday the Forest Loop Trail will be the original loop in a web of trails entangling the Tehaleh Community. For now, this loop trail connects several parks and wetlands encircling the first phases of Tehaleh. The trail forest views and neighborhoods are consistently changing making for an enjoyable stroll or kids bike ride. There are just a few hills, all of which are easy for young ones to walk or push a bike up. Most of the trail is good gravel, with a few paved sections.

Tehaleh Hiking Trails

The easiest place to start is at The Post. This puts you in the middle of the loop incase you wanted to end your hike early, because the loop can be done in two smaller loops. The Post also has community information, including a trail map, which I recommend as much of the trail area is still a construction zone.
Where to start:
In Bonney Lake on Highway 410, turn right onto S. Prairie Road E., then turn right onto 200th Avenue Court E. Turn right onto 104th Street E. Continue onto 192nd Avenue E. Turn left onto Rhoades Lake Road E. Make a slight right onto 198th Avenue E. and follow the signs into the community.
Tehaleh Access:
Tehaleh Homes
The trail starts right behind The Post at an information kiosk. The first half mile through a swath of timber between homes heads to Forest Park. The terrain is gentle but slightly rising and then falling as it goes over a crest called Tehaleh Pass on the map. After Forest Park, the trail turns east dropping to a road, then following a closed road until Canyon View Blvd. At a 4 way intersection, the gravel trail picks up again going behind more houses and then climbing "The Edge". This climb is the only real gain on the hike. Avoid all trails to the right, they drop down to The Edge Park (an optional detour). Going south now, The Edge hints there is a grand view to the west but the trees never open up. The trail will eventually pop out at a small neighborhood park. From here, a detour from the main loop will take you to Sticks 'n' Stones Park. (Detour shown on my map below as route taken). After checking this park out, head south on trails to Ponder, a wetland retention pond with a trail around it. Now continue south from Ponder as the trail follows a road, then cuts into the forest for a downhill drop off "The Edge". Soon you appear back in a neighborhood, the Trilogy 55+ community. The trail passes behind homes, then behind Knoll Park, then along Yonder Pond before arriving where you started at The Post.
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Ponder Community Park
Sticks N Stones Park
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Forest Loop Trail in yellow including extra sidetrip to #9 for Sticks 'n' Stones Park
Yonder Pond
Yonder Pond
Yonder Pond
Trail behind Trilogy Community
Trail along 198th Ave E.
Tehaleh Pass
Forest Park
Forest Park
Cascadia Boulevard
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The Post
community park
Neighborhood Park at crossing of Overlook Drive E.
tehaleh hill tehaleh
On The Trail
View from trail leaving Canyon View Blvd. & 134th St. E.
More Trails To Come....
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