Little Si

One of the most popular hikes from Seattle is Little Si. It makes for a much easier ascent than the bigger mountain beside it, Mount Si. For those that don't hear about this hike, they see the trail on the left as they get close to the Mount Si trailhead. So, it is just as popular as Mount Si, but half the parking. So, for many, just finding a spot is the hardest part of the hike. There are two lots but both still fill up on the weekends. Once on the hike, it is amazing how fast you go from the city atmosphere to wooded wilderness. The trail has become well signed so just follow signs to the summit. There are several side trails, including a loop you could take on the return trip. Around half way, you pass under the large cliffs of the east face of Little Si. Here you may see rock climbers above. It is a popular climbing area and you should see side trails all over the forest under the cliffs. This mossy covered forest is especially nice as it passes between both mountains. The final portion of the trail is on the north ridge of Little Si. It is the only safe route to get the masses to the top. The summit has views but they decrease yearly as the trees keep growing. The views are mostly south and east, looking at the face of Mt. Si. A small view north can be seen just before the summit. Notice the summit vegetation, somehow pine trees and manzanitas are growing.
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From Seattle follow I-90 to exit 32 which is 436th Avenue SE. Turn left over the freeway and drive 0.5 mile to North Bend Way. Turn left, and in 0.25 mile turn right on Mount Si Road. Shortly after crossing the bridge, the road banks right. Just after this curve, look for the parking area on the left side of the road.
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Distance: 2.2 miles
Summit Elevation: 1,576 feet
Elevation Gain: 1,200 feet
Access: Paved
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Summit of Mount Si
Mount Washington to the south
Rattlesnake Mountain
View north just below the summit area
Little Si Map
North Bend Homes
Forest between the summits