Walt Hundley Playfield
Walt Hundley Playfield offers a bit more than the typical Seattle playfield. With tennis courts, a kids play area, a picnic area with several tables and some fantastic views of Seattle and the Cascades, the park has more to offer than just sports. There is also a Community Center. Sport fields include Soccer, Baseball/Softball and Flag Football.
The soccer field is one of the few synthetic turf fields in the Puget Sound area
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6920 34th Ave SW
Seattle Parks and Recreation acquired the Walt Hundley Playfield at High Point in 1977. The 11-acre playfield was developed in 1980, and consists of two baseball fields and a lighted sand soccer field used primarily by recreational sports groups. The playfield name honors Walter R. Hundley, who was the first African-American superintendent for Seattle Parks and Recreation – a position he held from 1977 to 1988. Mr. Hundley was instrumental in acquiring the High Point site for the community center and playfield. Mr. Hundley was dedicated to parks, recreational facilities, green belts and open spaces. A graduate of Yale University, he came to Seattle as a minister, but later decided on a career in public service. He was a highly visible member of the Civil Rights movement in Seattle, and was the former administrator of the Central Area Motivation Project. He was director of the Model Cities Program and Director of the City of Seattle’s Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Hundley died in 2002 after a long battle with kidney disease.
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Lots of grass to roll down
Kids play equipment
Turf field
Tennis courts
View of the Cascades
Baseball field
View of Seattle
Lots of room
Two fields
Entrance Sign