Solstice Park - West Seattle

Located just above Lincoln Park is a hidden park called Solstice Park. It was renamed from the less exciting name of Lincoln Park Annex. This small park was originally constructed in the mid-1980's to hold back a slide area. Today, there is a short hiking trail up to a sundial for marking the equinox and solstice. There are stonework and earthworks aligned for the winter and summer solstice, and the equinoxes. Along the way is the community garden and p-patch as well as a few benches to sit on. The top has views of the neighborhood, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The park continues up a flight of stairs to 44th Avenue SW. . At the bottom of the flight of stair there are six fully lit tennis courts and a backboard. Volunteers work diligently on the gardens and neighborhood work parties manage the vegetation on the hillside, working to rid the park of invasive species.
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Stairs from 44th Avenue SW
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